ChE Professional Master's Program

Program Information

The PMP is a 1-1.5 calendar year, residential (on-campus) program consisting of rigorous coursework in both chemical engineering (within an area of concentration) and business/management along with a summer capstone research project.

Engineering & Concentration Coursework
Courses are offered in Chemical Engineering and a variety of electives in related areas such as Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Materials Engineering, and Data Science. Elective courses are carefully reviewed for relevancy to each concentration.

Management Component
Students also have the opportunity to take courses in financial analysis, marketing, operations, and project management through The Daniels Business School, enabling them to be successful in technical management roles.

Capstone Project Component
The program includes a 6 credit hour capstone project that will provide the opportunity for students to deliver tangible products in a formal format consistent with the expectations of companies that hire chemical engineers.

Program Requirements

The Professional Master's Program requires students to complete 30 credits consisting of:

  • 6 credits of chemical engineering core coursework
  • 9 credits of concentration specific coursework
  • 9 credits of management coursework
  • a 6 credit hour capstone Project

At least 15 of the 30 credits required for the degree must be from the School of Chemical Engineering, including the capstone project, while the remaining 15 credits may be earned from a department outside of the School.


Students will choose one of the following seven key areas of chemical engineering that best aligns with their interests and career goals to focus their curriculum.

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