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You are our success story. This School has graduated more than 11,000 students, and we are proud to count more than 8,100 living alumni who have achieved the highest levels of distinction in their chosen careers. Our graduates have made their mark in industry, as entrepreneurs, in academia, and in other fields that impact society.

Featured Alum

Until recently, Charles D. “Chuck” Davidson had spent most of his life in engineering.

As a child growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he would often develop his own projects. “Starting before I even entered middle school, I was constantly either taking something apart or putting something back together,” Davidson said.

His mother, Hazel, graduated from Purdue University’s School of Home Economics in 1932, so Purdue was always top of mind for Davidson.

“She never pressured me to go to Purdue,” he noted. “I did some research and determined that Purdue was the best fit for me."

Davidson decided to study chemical engineering because it offered the opportunity to combine his love of chemistry with his innate desire to design and build things.

“I arrived at Purdue knowing that chemical engineering was the right engineering discipline for me,” Davidson said.

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