2012-13 Undergraduate Student Awards

Congratulations to the chemical engineering students, both undergraduate and graduate, who received awards at the annual Senior Banquet in Spring 2013!

Excellence for Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

The Undergraduate Award for Teaching Excellence in senior courses in Chemical Engineering as voted by the senior students is awarded to:

  • Erik Sheets

Stephen Craig Award

The Stephen Craig Award was established to recognize an outstanding junior in the School of Chemical Engineering. The recipient of the award for 2012-13 is:

  • Adam Broski

George T. Tsao Award

The George T. Tsao Award in the School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue is awarded to worthy juniors on the basis of scholarship and in consideration of their accomplishments. The recipients of the 2012-13 Award are:

  • Brent Bishop
  • Brooke Elliott
  • Lee-Wei Kao
  • Eric Lehmann
  • Ankur Sarkar

AIChE Award

The AIChE Award is given to a senior student in the School of Chemical Engineering based on his or her service to the department through AIChE. The recipient of the AIChE Award for 2012-13 is:

  • Amanda Taylor

Omega Chi Epsilon Award

In 1961 Omega Chi Epsilon established the Outstanding Senior Award to be presented on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. In 1963 the award was dedicated to Bruce A. Wilson. The recipient for 2012-13 of the Omega Chi Epsilon Award is:

  • Christina Karl

John Clarence Lottes Memorial Award

The John Clarence Lottes Memorial Award was established in 1953. This award is given to recognize an outstanding senior in Chemical Engineering. The recipient for the 2012-13 Award is:

  • Rafid Mustafa

Lindsay Anne Williams Award

The Lindsay Ann Williams Award for Outstanding Leadership in Chemical Engineering was established in 2011 to honor a senior in ChE based primarily on Service to Purdue (to the College of Engineering or the university as a whole) Service to Community, Service Character, and Organizational Involvement, also taking into consideration Technical and Academic Achievements.  The recipient for the 2012-13 Award is:  

  • Candace Corso

Undergraduate Research Award

In 2013, the Undergraduate Research Award was established to recognize outstanding students who have participated in research opportunities throughout their academic journey. The award is based on countless hours spent in the lab, papers presented at conferences, and articles submitted to journals. The recipient for 2012-13 Award is:

  • Philip Gase
  • Jonathan Pfluger 

Senior Design Project Awards

Each year awards are given for the best senior design projects.  The top three teams for 2012-13 are:

  • Perry Helmer
  • Aidan Light
  • Benjamin Orkiszewski
  • Karis Viars Waibel
  • Joshua Andrejko
  • Jacob Haines
  • Evan Hanley
  • Samuel Stuckey
  • Anna Sullivan
  • Markus Graf
  • Stephanie Kennedy
  • Paul Sabol
  • Rebekah Steele