2016-17 Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Symposium Awards

Oral Presentations:

Computational Chemical Engineering

1st Place: Pritish Kamat
"The Dynamics of Bubble Coalescence in Power-law Fluids"
Advisor: Dr. Osman A. Basaran

2nd Place: Conor Parks
"First Principles Polymorph Specific Solubility Curves and Nucleation Rates, from Molecular Dynamics, for Polymorph Prediction – Moving Beyond Lattice Energy Minimization"
Advisor:  Dr. Doraiswami Ramkrishna

Energy & Catalysis

1st Place: Tej Choksi
"Methanol Oxidation on Pristine and Doped MoO3 (010): A DFT and Microkinetic Analysis"
Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey P. Greeley

2nd Place: James W. Harris "Synthesis and Characterization of Lewis Acidic Zeolites that Catalyze Glucose Isomerization"
Advisors: Dr. Rajamani Gounder and Dr. Fabio H. Ribeiro

Materials & Nanotechnology

1st Place: Jennifer Laster
"Design of Microstructured Conducting Polymer Films for Enhanced Particle Removal"
Advisors: Dr. Bryan W. Boudouris and Dr. Stephen P. Beaudoin

2nd Place: Sean Fronczak
"A New Method for Determining the Hamaker Constant of Solids using an Atomic Force Microscope"
Advisors: Dr. Stephen Beaudoin and Dr. David Corti

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

1st Place: Shankali Pradhan
"Tailored Particle Sizing: Enabling Efficient Solids Processing"
Advisors: Dr. James D. Litster and Dr. Carl Wassgren

2nd Place: Agnes Mendonca
"Engineering Biosensors for the Detection of Abberant Epigenetics in Cancer"
Advisor: Dr. Chongli Yuan

Poster Presentations:

Computational Chemical Engineering

1st Place: Tej Choksi
"A Computational Design Paradigm for Bi-functional Metal/Oxide Catalysts"
Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey P. Greeley

2nd Place: Lihui Wang
"The Separation of Two Different Sized Particles via Droplet Evaporation"
Advisor: Dr. Michael Harris

Energy & Catalysis

1st PlaceIshant Khurana
"Unraveling the Mechanism of Low Temperature NH3 Selective Catalytic Reduction (NH3-SCR) on Cu-SSZ-13 for Automotive NOx Abatement: Effect of Cu Proximity in Cu-SSZ-13"
Advisor: Dr. Fabio H. Ribeiro

2nd PlaceWooram Kang
"Hydrogen Generation from Hydrous Hydrazine over Ni/CeO2 Catalysts Prepared by Solution Combustion Synthesis"
Advisor: Dr. Arvind Varma

Materials & Nanotechnology

1st PlaceRobert Warburton
"Interfacial Structure of Intercalation and Conversion Li-ion Battery Electrode Materials"
Advisors: Dr. Jeffrey P. Greeley

2nd PlaceRyan Adams
"Structured Carbon Anodes for Potassium-ion Batteries"
Advisors: Dr. Vilas Pol and Dr. Arvind Varma

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

1st PlaceClaire Kilmer
"Characterization of Collagen Type I and II Blended Hydrogels for Articular Cartilage Tissue Engineering"
Advisor: Dr. Julie Liu

2nd Place (tie)Shaunak Ray
"Model-Guided Metabolic Engineering of Increased 2-Phenylethanol Production in Plants"
Advisor: Dr. John Morgan

2nd Place (tie)Agnes Mendonca
"Biosensors for the Detection of Global and Specific Epigenetic Patterns"
Advisor: Dr. Chongli Yuan


2016-2017 College of Engineering Awards

Magoon Teaching Award:

  • Lina Aboulmouna
  • Ravi Joshi

Outstanding Service Award

  • Ravi Joshi

Outstanding Research Award

  • Omar Guerra


2016-2017 School of Chemical Engineering Awards

The Purdue ChE Faculty Lectureship Award recipient is selected by the ChE Graduate Committee on the basis of academic accomplishments during graduate School. The 2016 recipient is:

  • Caleb Miskin

The Citation Award of the School of Chemical Engineering is selected based on citation counts obtained from the Web of Science. The 2016 recipients are:

  • John Degenstein
  • Caleb Miskin
  • Sara Yohe


Other Graduate Student Awards

2016-2017 Phillips 66 Fellowship: Jialiang "Jimmy" Tang
Advisor: Dr. Vilas Pol

2016-17 Purdue Chemical Engineering Centennial Fellowship Award - Jason Wickham
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Beaudoin