2013-14 Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Symposium Awards

Oral Presentations:

First Place
Anuj Verma
Advisors: W. Nicholas Delgass and Fabio H. Ribeiro
Title: "Development of a new method to detect Cu ion clustering in Cu-SSZ13 for DeNOx applications"

Second Place
Vinod Kumar Venkatakrishnan
Advisors: Fabio H. Ribeiro, Rakesh Agrawal and W. Nicholas Delgass
Title: "Lab-scale process development for high-pressure fast-hydropyrolysis and catalytic hydrodeoxygenation for production of liquid fuel from biomass"

Third Place
Aniruddha V. Kelkar
Advisors: Elias I. Franses and David S. Corti
Title: "On a collision course... Prediction and  Control of Particulate Aggregation and Deposition in Dispersion Flows"

Honorary Mention
Dhairya Mehta
Advisors: Fabio H. Ribeiro, Rakesh Agrawal, W. Nicholas Delgass
Title: "Millisecond timescale hydropyrolysis of cellulose and Vapor-phase hydrodeoxygenation kinetics of furfural"

Poster Presentations:

First Place
Mary Jane Brennan
Advisor: Julie C. Liu
Title: "Adhesive elastomeric proteins as soft tissue surgical glues"

Second Place
Agnes Mendonca
Advisor: Chongli Yuan
Title: "5-hydroxymethylation of cytosine has a sequence dependent effect on nucleosomal stability"

Third Place (Tie)
Rohit Jaini & Longyun Guo
Advisor: John A. Morgan
Title: "Improving biofuel production by kinetic modeling of lignin metabolism"

Gregory Honda
Advisor: Arvind Varma
Title: "Hydrodynamics of Trickle-Bed reactors with Particle Size Distribution"


College of Engineering 2014 Awards

Magoon Teaching Award:

  • McKay Easton
  • Rohit Jaini
  • Kaiwalya Sabnis

Hugh W. and Edna M. Donnan Fellowship:

  • Gregory Honda
  • George Weeden

Outstanding Service Award

  • Frank DeVilbiss

Outstanding Research Award

  • Aniruddha V. Kelkar


School of Chemical Engineering 2014 Awards

The Purdue ChE Faculty Lectureship Award recipient is selected by the ChE Graduate Committee on the basis of academic accomplishments during graduate School. The 2014 recipient is:

  • Dr. Meenesh Singh, PhD 2013


The Research Publication Award of the School of Chemical Engineering is selected based on citation counts obtained from the Web of Science. The 2014 recipients are:

  • Dr. Mayank Shekhar, PhD 2012
  • Haoran Yang