Purdue University Faculty Scholars

University Faculty Scholars are select associate and full professors who have been in that rank for no more than five years and are on an accelerated path toward academic distinction. In the College of Engineering, they are nominated by committees from their academic areas, and reviewed and recommended by a subcommittee of the College's named and distinguished professors. The dean makes the selection and requests approval by the provost. University Faculty Scholars receive additional funding to support their research. The University Faculty Scholar program was created at Purdue in 1998.

Current Faculty Scholars

Zoltan Nagy 2015-2020
Jeffrey Greeley 2016-2021
John Morgan 2016-2021
Vilas Pol 2018-2023
Julie Liu 2019-2024

Past Faculty Scholars

Joseph Pekny 1999-2004
Michael Harris 2002-2007
Steve Beaudoin 2007-2012
Fabio Ribeiro 2007-2012
Kendall Thomson 2008-2013
David Corti 2011-2016