2015-16 Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Symposium Awards

Oral Presentations:

First Place
Viktor Cybulskis
Advisor: Prof. Fabio H. Ribeiro and Prof. W. Nicholas Delgass
Title: "Understanding the Surface Chemistry on Supported Noble Metal Catalysts via the Water-Gas Shift Reaction"

Second Place
Arpan Seth
Advisor: Prof. Carl D. Laird
Title: "Large-Scale Optimization Applications in Critical Infrastructure"

Third Place
Atish Parekh
Advisors: Prof. Fabio H. Ribeiro and Prof. W. Nicholas Delgass
Title: "Copper Speciation and Nature of the Active Site for Ammonia Standard Selective Catalytic Reduction in Cu/SSZ-13"

Honorable Mention
Xiaohui Liu
Advisors: Prof. Joseph Pekny and Dr. James Dietz
Title: "Quantifying EV Battery Lifespan and Its Impact on Battery Warranty Strategy through a Battery Aging Model and a Transportation Model"

Honorable Mention
John Degenstein
Advisors: Prof. Rakesh Agrawal, Prof. W. Nicholas Delgass, Dr. Hilkka I. Kenttämaa and Prof. Fabio H. Ribeiro
Title: "Fast-Pyrolysis of Cellobiose: A Novel Approach to Experimental Study and Modeling"

Poster Presentations:

First Place
Gregory Honda
Advisor: Prof. Arvind Varma
Title: "The Hydrodynamics of Trickle Bed Reactors"

Second Place
Sydney Hollingshead
Advisor: Prof. Julie Liu
Title: "Temperature and pH Sensitive Elastin-based Hydrogels"

Third Place
Agnes Mendonca
Advisor: Prof. Chongli Yuan
Title: "Biosensors for Epigenetic Therapeutic Targets"

Honorable Mention
Hyun Chang Kim
Advisor: Prof. You-Yeon Won
Title: "Strategic Development of Polymeric Lung Surfactants"