Rohan Dharmakumar

Rohan Dharmakumar

Executive Director, Krannert Cardiovascular Research Center (IUSM)
Director of Cardiovascular Imaging Research (Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences)
Charles Fisch Professor of Cardiology (IUSM)
Professor of Medicine and Radiology & Imaging Sciences (IUSM)
Professor of Biomedical Engineering (Purdue, adjunct)


Phone: 317-274-5652

Methodist KIC E371
Indianapolis, IN 46202


  • BSc, Physiology and Physics, University of Toronto, 1996
  • MSc, Mathematics, University of Toronto, 1997
  • PhD, Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, 2004

Research Interests

  • Demonstrating the adverse effects of intramyocardial hemorrhage and chronic myocardial inflammation following myocardial infarction
  • Designing a method to reliably and noninvasively evaluate changes in myocardial oxygenation in response to coronary stenosis
  • Showing that iron deposits within the infarction territories can drive electrical instabilities in the heart

Graduate Students