National University of Ireland Galway Study Abroad Program

Galway, located on the west coast of Ireland, is the fastest-growing city in Ireland. It is renowned for its vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals and celebrations. Due to prevailing North Atlantic winds, the climate is mild, moist and temperate year round.

The NUIG program has a strong research and education program in biomechanics and biomedical engineering. We recommend students focused on the mechanical side of biomedical engineering consider this opportunity. 

Weldon School students may participate in this program only in the fall of their senior year. You will complete your senior design project while at NUIG, as well as take technical electives, life science electives, and/or general education courses.

An email will be sent to Weldon School students with a link to the online application in mid-November each year. Visit Purdue's National University of Ireland Galway Program Details page for more information.

Gain an International Work Experience

One or two students in this program will be selected to complete an international internship with Fort Wayne Metals the summer prior to their study abroad experience at NUIG. 

NUIG-Purdue Approved Course Equivalencies for BME

BME Recommended Courses

BME 402 Computational Methods in Engineering Analysis
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Nonlinear Dynamics of Biological Systems

BME Technical Electives

EH 306 Engineering Hydraulics I
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Engineering Hydraulics I

EH 201 Elementary Hydraulics
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Hydraulics

EH 202 Hydraulics Laboratory
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Elementary Hydraulics Lab

BME 405 Tissue Engineering
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Tissue Engineering

SI 326 Advanced Cardio Physiology
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Advanced Cardio Physiology

IE 323 Info Systems Ergonomics
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Info Systems Ergonomics

IE 332 Quality Management
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Quality Management

IE 450 Lean Systems
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Lean Systems

ME 353 Quality Systems
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Quality Systems

ME 355 Mechanical Design I for Sports & Exercise
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Mechanical Design I for Sports & Exercise

BME Life Science Electives

AN 230 Human Body Structure
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Human Design, Anatomy & Physiology I

BI 319 Molecular Biology
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Intro to Molecular Biology

SI 311 Neurophysiology
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Neurobiology

SI 317 Human Body Function
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Human Design, Anatomy & Physiology II

MI 323 Food & Industrial Microbiology
Purdue Credit: BME 495 Food & Industrial Microbiology

Other Electives - Pass/Fail Credit

AR 246 Castles, Colonists & Crannogs 1100-1350
Recommended by past students; includes travel around Ireland

AR 332 Development of Castles in Medieval Europe
Purdue Credit: ANTH 201 Intro to Archeology and World Prehistory

SG 215 Medieval Irish Literature

SG 111 Early & Medieval History of the Celts
Equivalent Purdue Course: HIST 302 Selected Topics in History

SG 116 Celtic Mythology
Equivalent Purdue Course: CLCS 333 Comparative Mythology

CL 221 Early Greece
Equivalent Purdue Course: CLCS 330

CSS 202 European Fairytales/Tradition & Innovative
Equivalent Purdue Course: ENGL 331

GR 341 German Language I
Equivalent Purdue Course: GER 301

P1240.E Bioethics
Equivalent Purdue Course: PHIL 270

PS 322 Health Psychology
Equivalent Purdue Course: PSY 2XXXX Health Psychology