Physician-Engineer Trainee Spotlights

Frederick Damen headshotFrederick Damen

"I strongly believe our healthcare system will immensely benefit from having more dual-degree physicians with an engineering background, and this is why I’m so glad to have joined the IU/Purdue MSTP program."




Alex Kiel headshotAlex Kiel

"Throughout my training, I have noticed that administrators and mentors truly want the best for students, and it has made everything much more enjoyable and successful."




Ayeeshik Kole headshotAyeeshik Kole

"The abundance of strong clinical and life science faculty at IU School of Medicine and the diverse engineering faculty at Purdue University has provided an unmatched training environment."




Sarah Lipp

"I received my undergraduate training in chemical engineering. I realized that as much as I enjoyed understanding separation columns, plug flow reactors, and process control, I was more fascinated by the filter capacity the kidney, the reactions going on in the mitochondria, and multi-organ hormone regulation of the endocrine system." 




Nick Race tying bow-tie

Nick Race

"My most memorable experiences have been the times I’ve been wrong in the laboratory. The feeling of the ‘a-ha’ moment, especially when it dramatically shifts the lens you were viewing your project through and what you thought was ‘right’, is priceless."




Ravinderjit Singh

 "I see a lot of potential in utilizing engineering methodology to solve problems in medicine, and I find medicine and engineering to both be very exciting!"




David Sohutskay headshotDavid Sohutskay

"I took part in a course on Biomedical Entrepreneurship here at Purdue where I worked on a team to analyze the value of a tissue-engineered skin product and develop a business model. In the process of interviewing almost 100 potential customers, we traveled to Atlanta to attend a conference in wound healing and speak to physicians. The trip and the whole course was an incredible experience."