Dr. Anne Sereno

Areas of Research

Understand and characterize the physiological mechanisms of attention, short-term memory, motion and the programming of eye movements, in order to help in the diagnosis, treatment, and etiology of various diseases and disorders involving the disruption of these functions.


With research spanning expertise over a wide range of disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology, biomedical engineering, computer modelling and bio-statistics the Sereno Lab, lead by Dr. Anne Sereno, is conducting cutting edge research in trying to understand and characterize deficits in cognitive, executive and motor function as well as understand the neuroscience of behavior.


  • Population decoding of shape and space, and cognitive processes
  • Multi-modal non-invasive diagonosis of neurdegenerative disease


Computer Modeling

  • Models of attention and memory




  • Tablet (touch)
  • Eye-tracking



Recruitment Needs

Creative, highly motivated self-starter to enroll as a PhD student starting in Fall 2022

Please feel free to contact Dr. Sereno directly.

Email: asereno@purdue.edu

Website: ´╗┐https://engineering.purdue.edu/SerenoLab