Summer 2014

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MathWorks Funds New nanoHUB Course
Thanks to a generous grant from MathWorks, a team of Weldon faculty members is launching a new online course in the nanoHUB-U style, or nanoHUB course for short, this fall. The online course is broadly accessible to students who have research interests and career goals in biomedicine, healthcare, and life sciences disciplines.
Rapid Prototyping Machine Will Speed Design-Build-Test Process
A big surprise is in store for students returning to the Weldon School this fall. The senior design lab will be equipped with a new rapid prototyping machine, a state-of-the-art 3D printer that will enable students and researchers alike to build concept models, functional prototypes, and medical-grade end-use products with biocompatible thermoplastics. This will allow prototypes created at the Weldon School to be evaluated more rapidly and closer to a development stage suitable for use on patients in ambulatory or hospital settings.
First Day of Giving a Success
Weldon School alumni, faculty, staff, and friends worked together to make Purdue’s first Day of Giving an overwhelming success for the School. The Day of Giving was a 24-hour online and social media event that occurred on April 30, 2014, and featured stories about student affordability and accessibility, among other areas. The Weldon School received a total of $829,743, which was 12% of the overall $7.5 million raised by Purdue and the third highest amount received by participating units across campus.
2013-2014 Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards
Weldon School faculty, staff, and students were honored with numerous awards during the 2013-2014 academic year.

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