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Protecting Children: Dr. Robert Hannemann and the Lafayete Rotary Club

Dr. Robert Hannemann
Dr. Robert Hannemann, Professor Biomedical, Chemical Engineering, and Psychology Science
In an effort to safeguard children, the Lafayette Rotary Club, led by Weldon School faculty member Bob Hannemann, recently distributed 22,000 pieces of safety literature to local schools.

In this new, model program, the Lafayette Rotary Club teamed with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. "This is all about making the parents aware so they can educate their children," Hannemann said. Information has been given out to middle, junior high, and elementary schools throughout Tippecanoe County, along with local community centers that serve children.

Included in this effort is the "Take 25" program, which encourages parents to take 25 minutes to talk to their children about dangers they face and includes age-appropriate safety tips.

Dr. Hannemann, a retired pediatrician, hopes that the safety effort will spread to Rotary clubs in the United States and other countries. For more information, visit