Young Professionals Advisory Council 2014-2015

Fall 2014 YPAC Group Photo

The 2014-15 Young Professionals Advisory Council is an inaugural group of young alumni chosen from various backgrounds to facilitate discussions between recent alumni and School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering faculty with the goal of benefiting undergraduate students in AAE.  


Sirisha Bandla (BSAAE'11)
Commercial Spaceflight Federation • Assistant Director
Alex Baucco (BSAAE'11)
Test Vehicle Engineer • Rolls-Royce
Michael Bociaga (BSAAE'08; MSAAE'11)
Design Engineer • Lockheed Martin
Jonathan Braun (BSAAE'06; MSAAE'08)
Associate Manager • Lockheed Martin
Ashley Brawner (BSAAE'06; MSAAE'09)
Systems Integration and Test Manager • Northrop Grumman
Dean Bryson (BSAAE'08; MSAAE'10 )
Research Aerospace Engineer • Air Force Research Laboratory
Mike Kowalkowski (BSAAE'07; MSAAE'09)
Design Engineer, Turbines • Rolls-Royce
Tyler Lulich (MSAAE'10)
Senior Aerospace Engineer • Emergent Space Technologies
Alan Pomp (BSAAE'11)
Structural Payload and Design Engineer • Boeing
James Tancred (BSAAE'10)
Aerospace Engineer • Air Force Research Laboratory
Brandon White (BSAAE'08)
Technical Program Manager • GE Aviation