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Time Domain Simulation and Optimization for Design


Credit Hours:


Start Date:

August 24, 2020

Learning Objective:

The objective of this course is to provide a primer for graduate students to both time-domain simulation and single- and multi-objective optimization in order to give them tools needed for course work and their own research as they begin their graduate studies. It is not a substitute for numerical methods or formal optimization courses; rather the goal is to give the students some background to facilitate their needs until they can take more formal courses. This course covers both the theory as well as software tools, primarily in Matlab and Simulink. While the course was motivated by the needs of the students in Electrical and Computer Engineering's Power and Energy Area, it does not require any domain specific knowledge and is suitable for students from all engineering disciplines.


This is a one credit hour course, not three credit hours. Class duration: SU2020: July 6-Aug 7
Spring 2019 Syllabus

Topics Covered:

Theory of Time Domain Simulation
Coding of Simulation Engines
Effective Use of Matlab Simulink
Basic Single Objective Optimization
Single Objective Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms
Theory of Multi-Objective Optimization
Multi-Objective Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms
Single and Multi-Objective Optimization Using GOSET


The student is expected to have an undergraduate level background in linear algebra and ordinary differential equations. The student should be familiar with Matlab, but need not be familiar with Simulink.

Applied / Theory:

50 / 50

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As part of the course, 3-4 homework assignments involving short problems or simple Matlab scripts will be assigned.


As part of the course, 3-4 mini-projects involving Matlab coding will be assigned. These will be graded based on computationally efficiency, numerical accuracy, functionality, and coding style and documentation. These are in addition to the homework.


No exams


Official textbook information is now listed in the Schedule of Classes. NOTE: Textbook information is subject to be changed at any time at the discretion of the faculty member. If you have questions or concerns please contact the academic department.

Computer Requirements:

ProEd minimum computer requirements. The student will need to be familiar with and have access to Matlab. The student need not be familiar with Simulink, but needs to have access to it.

ProEd Minimum Requirements:


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