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Smart Manufacturing in the Process Industries


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This course surveys the tools and techniques, which are relevant to support the multiple levels of technical decisions that arise in modern integrated operation of manufacturing resources in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. The real time generation and sharing of associated data and knowledge via relevant IT methodology and the effective use of this information in the various levels of the process operations management hierarchy are currently termed Industry 4.0 (Europe) and Smart Manufacturing (US). The topics covered in the course span all of the technical components and decision levels in the operations decision hierarchy. Topics include the role of on-line and at-line process measurements, elements of sensor network design, information systems to support process operations, plant data reconciliation, detection and diagnosis of process faults, condition-based monitoring of plant assets, plant wide control, real time process optimization, production planning and scheduling, and supply chain management. Each topic will be addressed by first summarizing the basic role and scope of that component, then discussing the elements of the decision problem, and outlining some representative tools available to address that decision problem. Each major topic will include a lecture given by an industrial practitioner who will offer a perspective on the state of industrial practice.

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