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Seminar in Engineering Education


Credit Hours:


Start Date:

August 24, 2020

Learning Objective:

To introduce current research and programs in engineering education. To provide networking opportunities for ENE graduate students with scholars both within and outside ENE.


Through presentations on current topics in engineering education and related subjects, this seminar strives to build an intellectual community by forging connections within the School of Engineering Education (ENE), between ENE and the other schools in the College of Engineering, with colleagues who conduct STEM education research across the campus, and with other engineering education researchers across the U.S. Speakers may come from the campus, from other universities, or from business, industry, or government. The seminar is open to the entire Purdue community. This seminar is required for doctoral students in ENE. Each student must register for two semesters of the seminar, but students may register repeatedly in multiple semesters, without limit.

This zero-credit course is graded pass/fail based on participation. Weekly seminar sessions are recorded and posted to the course Blackboard site. Students taking the course online are expected to watch a posted session, write a summary of and reflection on the presentation, and submit that document to the instructor via Blackboard. The summary and reflection should be at least 500 words but no more than 1,000. (emphasis is on content and quality of the writing ??? not on length) Guidelines for the document will be provided in the syllabus. Students must submit documents for seven of the seminar presentations to receive a grade of ???pass???.

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