Production Management Control


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

This course will develop a systematic and scientific view of the management of production systems, with particular emphasis of the Factory Physics approach. We will cover core ideas related to the analysis of production lines (including capacity analysis, influence of variability, push/pull flow control), as well as other related functions (strategy, change management, and quality systems).


Summer 2024 Syllabus

Topics Covered:

  1. Basic Factory Dynamics and Little's Law
  2. Causes and Flow of variability in production systems
  3. The basic of Queueing and effects of blocking
  4. The influence of variability on the performance of production systems
  5. Batching Laws and Cycle Time
  6. Push vs Push Production Systems and CONWIP
  7. Apply and interpret statistical process control
  8. The basis of Six-Sigma-DMAIC, Lean Manufacturing, DFSS
  9. Fundamentals of Time Series Forecasting and Production Planning
  10. Human Element in Operations Management


Comfort with statistics, optimization modeling, and basic concepts related to business processes

Applied / Theory:



6 total, worth 60% of grade


3 total, worth 30% of grade



Factory Physics, Third Edition, by Wallace J. Hopp and Mark L. Spearman (2011). Waveland Press. ISBN: 978-1-57766-739-1