Principles and Methods of Safe Aerospace System Design


Credit Hours:


This course provides an overview of the processes and techniques safety engineers use to support aircraft certification efforts. The course is intended as an introduction for system and other engineers to allow you to intertwine safety with the overall aircraft development process from the onset of product development. Such a design approach and mindset facilitate “getting it right first time” as opposed to attempting to add safety on at the end, when design changes are difficult and expensive. Students taking this course should have taken at least one previous course on the systems engineering design process.

What this course is not going to do:

  • Transform you into an expert in system design or product safety methods
  • Help you quote safety processes or rattle off procedure numbers

What this course will hopefully do for you:

  • Help you identify opportunities to break silos down in your organization
  • Help you bridge system design and product safety cultures
  • Help you act as an advocate for embedding the ‘right thinking’ early and consistently in the design process