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Orbit Mechanics


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

Introduce students to spacecraft orbital dynamics and the issues associated with orbital control and station keeping. Primary focus in regimes where two-body analysis and conics are a valid model. Computation and implementation of impulsive maneuvers in three dimensions; transfer orbits and Lambert's theorem to support discussions of mission trajectory design. Impact of the trajectory on other subsystems.


Natural behavior of planets and moons in the solar system as well as spacecraft motion: orbit dynamics, perturbations, and stability; trajectory control, on-orbit maneuvers, and transfers; mission design, patched conics.
F2018 Course AAE532 Syllabus

Topics Covered:

1. Introduction to the laws of Kepler and Newton; universal gravitation and integrals of motion.2. Fundamental concepts associated with the two-body problem and conics; orbital elements.3. Orbital maneuvers: (1) orbit establishment; (2) single impulse adjustments; (3) multiple impulse transfers including Hohmann transfers, local gravity fields and flybys, Hoelker and Silber transfers, Lambert time-of-flight theorem, three-dimensional transfers; (4) mission design issues.4. Orbital perturbations including Euler-Hill equations for two-close orbiters and some navigational issues.


1. Calculus and differential equations through ODEs 2. Vector mechanics; particle/rigid body kinematics and dynamics; three-dimensional coordinate systems and transformations 3. Some introduction to perturbations and linear algebra 4. Numerical methods and tools such as MATLAB.

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Two midterms and a final exam.


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