Introduction to Game Theory


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This course introduces the basics and framework of game theory. The students will understand the application of game theory to model problems in decision making when multiple decision makers are present. An emphasis will be laid on the strong relevance of game theory to engineered systems through examples. 

Topics Covered:

Lecture Lectures
2 Introduction
2 Dominant strategies and iterated dominance
3 Pure strategy Nash equilibrium
3 Mixed strategy Nash equilibrium
2 Efficiency and fairness
3 Dynamic games of perfect and complete information
2 Stackelberg games
3 Dynamic games of imperfect and complete information
2 Bargaining
3 Repeated games
2 Static games of incomplete information
2 Auctions
3 The principal agent problem
3 Network routing
2 Network externalities
3 Learning in games
3 Cooperative games



Linear algebra, probability 

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  1. A Course in Game Theory (available online through Purdue Libraries), 1st Edition, Osborne, Martin J.; Rubinstein, Ariel, MIT Press, 1994, ISBN No. 0-262-65040-1 


  1. Noncooperative Game Theory: An introduction for Engineers and Computer Scientists, Hespanha, Joao P., Princeton University Press, 2017, ISBN No. 9780691175218

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