Failure Analysis

Introduction to failure analysis and prevention. Concepts of materials failure, root cause analysis, manufacturing aspects of failure, techniques for identifying failure, fracture, corrosion, wear, and case studies. Also includes business and entrepreneurship aspects.


Credit Hours:


Learning Outcomes: 1.  Become familiar with and be able to identify the categories of failure. 2.  Recognize types of failure based on microstructural and post-mortem characterization 3.  Relate failure to stressors driving failure (mechanical, thermal, electrical, etc.) 4.  Communicate results of a failure analysis clearly to professional audiences 5.  Estimate stressors driving failure in relationship to materials properties, service conditions, and design constraints. 6.  Use or select appropriate characterization tools for failure analysis. 7.  Select appropriate inspection criteria to prevent failure. 8.  Recommend improvements in design, service or inspection to prevent failure.