Fundamentals of Electrochemical Energy Systems


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

The focus of the course will be on learning the fundamental concepts of energy storage and conversion with a goal to develop the ability for sound analysis. After finishing this course, the students should have the following learning outcomes.
  1. Understand the fundamental physicochemical mechanisms and interactions that underlie in electrodes in an energy storage and conversion system (e.g. lithium-ion battery, polymer electrolyte fuel cell);
  2. Gain knowledge of thermodynamics, kinetics, and transport phenomena (species, charge and thermal) and mechanical behavior.
  3. Analyze system characteristics (performance, degradation, safety) based on the fundamental mechanisms.


Strong analytical background; engineering mathematics; discussion with and approval from the instructor.

Applied / Theory:

50 / 50


The project, based on analysis of electrochemical energy systems, is an integral part of this course. You can choose your own group members (group size limited to 3). Each course project will be designed based on discussion with the instructor. The formal written report and presentation will constitute a significant part of your grade.


Midterm Exam and Final Exam

ProEd Minimum Requirements: