Educational Methods in Engineering

Each week, students must login for one hour via WebEx for LIVE participation in the class.


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Each week, students must login for one hour via WebEx for LIVE participation in the class.

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The purpose of this course is to expose you to methods used in teaching engineering. The goals are to contribute to your preparation for the teaching aspect of the professoriate and put you on path to being intellectually active in developing as a good teacher. Specifically, this course is designed to help prepare you for college teaching, expand your horizons about teaching, make you think about and reflect on teaching, and put you in touch with resources that can sustain your development as a good teacher. This course is also designed to provide a small amount of practice with a variety of teaching practices. This course is organized into three interwoven parts: Teaching: Practical methods for teaching engineering students. This includes models of teaching, class content, cooperative learning, educational technology, testing, classroom management, and more. Students: Theories of student types, development, learning theories, and motivation. Artifact Creation: Teaching statement, unit of instruction, syllabus, test


Consent of instructor is required. Admission into a Ph.D. program in the College of Engineering (completed MS or MS-bypass). This course is intended for graduate students interested in teaching engineering as part of their future career.

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Course Goals: At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to: Create a personal statement of teaching goals, methods, and philosophy Select and implement a variety of instructional methods Analyze classroom practices in terms of students differences, motivation, and intended learning Develop a syllabus for a course, including policies for organization and management


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