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Development of Underground Space


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:


This course has been designed to support students with civil engineering and construction engineering and management background. New underground construction projects are planned all over the world, and the course equips students to contribute to these exciting developments. This course includes an overview of the application for tunneling and underground space as well as construction methods. The course will cover various sizes of underground opening from small diameters built by microtunneling to common tunnels used in civil and mining applications to large caverns, often found in different end uses such as storage or hydropower construction.

Topics Covered:

  • Critique concepts for the future use of underground space and innovative methods of construction,
  • Systematically describe and classify underground works according to type, use and construction methods,
  • Recognize the diversity and complexity of underground excavations and associated works, and
  • Improve oral and written communication skills, including effective presentation.


Applied / Theory:

50 / 50


All Homework Assignments should be sent /email. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class. Each assignment will need to be considered as a professional assignment; therefore, neatness and thoroughness are essential components.
    All Homework assignments will be graded by the teaching assistant.


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