Data Science in Mechanics of Materials


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Focus of this course is on exploring applications of data science to mechanics of materials related models and experiments. Emphasis is on (a) hands on use of finite element related models for formulating data science problems (e.g. n-point correlation functions to describe material microstructures, data science procedures to formulate material constitutive behavior etc.) and (b) on correlating design of experiments with automated data extraction in high throughput experiments such as indentation experiments and sensor data fusion type of experiments. A third part of course is focused on analyzing available options in high volume data processing and analytics with emphasis on mechanics of materials applications. In a typical 14 week semester, data science analyses procedures using mechanics of materials simulations will be typically done in 7 weeks, and experimental data science procedures will be focused upon for 7 weeks. Spring 2021 Syllabus

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Finite element Method for Aerospace Structures; Elasticity; Mechanical Behavior of Materials

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50 / 50


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