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Content Assessment and Pedagogy: An Integrated Engineering Design Approach


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

Apply the principles of backwards design to the design of a course, module, workshop or other instructional unit.
Articulate an evidence-based rationale for your curriculum design decisions.


Content, Assessment and Pedagogy is designed to help participants build a foundation of knowledge, skills, and habits of mind or modes of thinking that facilitate the alignment of content, assessment, and pedagogy for curriculum design. Rather than treat each of these areas separately, we strive to help the participants consider all three together in a systematic way. Our approach is essentially an engineering design approach, that is, we start with requirements or specifications, emphasize metrics, and then focus on the preparation of prototypes that meet the requirements. The course provides a community of practice culture in which students have opportunities to form their own intellectual neighborhood as well as participate within the broader community of engineering education via engagement in our practices, methods, and beliefs.
Spring 2019 Syllabus

Topics Covered:


Applied / Theory:


80% of your grade will be earned by writing a final project paper. See pages 4-6 of the syllabus for a detailed description of the elements that must be part of your paper. Only the final draft of the project paper will be graded. You will receive detailed formative feedback (ungraded) on two (optional but HIGHLY recommended) drafts. Each section of the final paper will be assessed on the following three criteria: clarity, evidence, and alignment.


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