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Construction Productivity


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

  • The importance of construction productivity as to the value of the construction project.
  • How productivity is measured and improved.
  • Methods for improving job site productivity.
  • Quantitative methods for measurement and improvement of productivity.
  • Productivity defect reduction.
  • Risk analysis for determination of causation and improvement.
  • Applications of planning and scheduling for productive resource allocation.
  • Personnel management practices for job site management.
  • Productivity measurement for change order and claims quantification.
  • Applications of new technology for productivity improvement.


The construction industry is one of the largest industries; it is vital to the economics and growth of a nation. However, productivity increases have lagged other industries. In this course you will learn the importance of increases in productivity to the profitability of the construction firm as well as the value of the project to the project owner. You will learn methods of improving job site productivity via quantitative methods as well as risk or variation analysis, benchmarking, productivity defect reduction, resource utilization methods, as well proven personnel management non-quantitative methods. The course entails an all-encompassing approach to the measurement and improvement of job site productivity. Application of productivity measurement and quantification for construction change order and disputes are included. New technology applications to include AI, data management, and virtual reality are included via examples.

Topics Covered:

Week 1: The Importance of Productivity; How It is Measured
Week 2: Methods for Improving Job Site Productivity
Week 3: Factors That Affect Productivity; Modeling Work
Week 4: Quantitative Methods for Measuring Productivity
Week 5: Statistical Analysis and Risk Analysis
Week 6: TQM, Six Sigma, Lean Applications
Week 7: Productivity Defect and Waste Reduction
Week 8: Equipment Productivity Measurement and Improvement
Week 9: Resource Planning and Scheduling for Productivity Improvement
Week 10: Classical Proactive Personnel Management Programs
Week 11: The Quantification and Application of Supervision for Productivity Improvement
Week 12: Applications of New Technology for Measurement and Improvement
Week 13: Methods for Measuring Lost Productivity Due to Disruption and Delays
Week 14: Change Orders and Productivity Impact Quantification
Week 15: Developing Consistent Productivity Procedures


Undergraduate civil engineering or construction degree or experience as a construction supervisor

Applied / Theory:

50 / 50


Weekly watching of 2-3 one-hour asynchronous video lectures, taking of ten multiple choice questions for each lecture (minimum of 7 correct answers), Biweekly 2 hour Zoom live class with discussion of video lectures and case study problem.


Two assigned projects; one individual, one group


Final exam: Summary paper assigned.


(Optional) Adrian, James, J. Construction Productivity: Measurement and Improvement, Stipes Publishing, 558 pages

Computer Requirements:

ProEd Minimum Requirements: