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Communication for Engineering Leaders


Credit Hours:


Start Date:

August 24, 2020

Learning Objective:

  1. Demonstrate increased awareness of communication theories and strategies
  2. Deliver engaging, effective presentations and documents
  3. Design plans for valuable, productive workplace and team interactions
  4. Develop a leadership or mentoring plan tailored to your specific workplace


The goal of this course is to upskill talented engineers' communication abilities. By the end of the course, you should have new adeptness at creating and delivering powerful presentations on a short deadline, as well as strategies for leading others effectively.
F2020 Syllabus

Topics Covered:


Applied / Theory:

80 / 20


Weekly assignments: Each week, your main post will be your course assignment for the week. You will turn this into the discussion board for feedback from classmates to establish a collaborative experience in the course and to practice giving and receiving feedback regularly.
On one assigned week, you'll also create a discussion topic based on the assigned reading for the week. This will allow you to begin and facilitate a discussion on an area of particular interest to you. On these weeks, you will hone the skill of effectively moderating online discussions. How do you make sure all voices are heard? How do you steer a derailing conversation? How do you wrap up a topic with clear takeaways?
Weekly responses: Each week, you'll comment extensively at least 4 times by contributing to the discussions an moving them forward. Your goals here are to interact, dive deeper, complicate, and resolve. Your goal is not just to agree or disagree. Your goal is to add and enhance.


Mid-term memo: Update on the implementation of your AIM assignment.
Final memo: Update on the implementation of your Katzman assignments.


Required Texts: (available on Amazon)
Communicate with Mastery (Schramm)
HBR's 10 Must Reads 2020 (HBR)
Connect First (Katzman)

Computer Requirements:

  • You will need a strong, reliable Internet connection on a daily basis to meet the requirements for this class.
  • It is NOT recommended that students attempt to complete this course using only a mobile phone.
  • This course will utilize video, which will require more data if using a mobile device.
  • Students must be able to use Brightspace and all of its features to be successful in this course.

ProEd Minimum Requirements:


Tuition & Fees: