Q2000 DSC (ARMS B214)

Soft Materials Characterization Core Facility

Equipment Information


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  • Thermal measurement of melting, freezing, and glass transition and curing point
  • Temperature range with LN2 cooling: -160ºC to 500ºC (isothermal experiments above 300ºC are prohibited)
  • Temperature range with Air-Fin cooling: ambient up to 700ºC
  • Specimen mass range: 1-30mg
  • Ideal specimen mass: 10-20mg

Rates and Fees*

  • Machine Rate: $16/hour (internal)
  • Staff Rate: $50/hour (internal)
  • Training Fee: $200

     * Rates listed apply to Purdue University users only

Department Contacts

  • Faculty P.O.C.:   Dr. Jeffrey Youngblood and Dr. John Howarter
  • Staff P.O.C.:  Jameson Root
  • Graduate Superuser:  Md Nuruddin


Safety Information

  • Required lab attire: safety glasses, long pants, and close-toed shoes


Training and Lab Requirements

User Requirements

  • Valid iLab account
  • Subscription to the equipment listserv is required before access will be granted
  • Complete and turn in the B214 Safety Contract
  • Be familiar with and obey the Soft Materials Characterization Core Facility Operating Procedure
  • Users must provide their own specimen pans for the Air-Fin system (Cu, Pt, graphite, etc.); aluminum pans for LN2 cooled experiments are provided
  • Training by department lab staff/superuser

Specimen and Equipment Requirements

  • Only superusers are allowed to change heating units
  • DO NOT over fill the DSC pans which can ruin the pan press and the DSC sample chamber
  • Reactions: DO NOT allow material to decompose during the DSC run; no off-gassing should occur in DSC chamber
  • Machine: ALWAYS replace hard cap over sample chamber when experiment is complete.N2 and helium gas should be turned off at end of the experiment


Request Training

The Q800 DSC is part of the Soft Materials Characterization Core Facility and is available for use by MSE and non-MSE users.