Jeffery Youngblood

Anaerobic Adhesives

Our work in this particular area concentrates on the study of and search for adhesive formulations that combine the attractive fast curing characteristic of anaerobic adhesives with increased adhesion to metal surfaces while improving ultimate performance.  These types of adhesives have been used for more than 40 years in the industrial fields of automotive and aeronautics for purposes of locking threaded fasteners and pipes, sealing machine components and bonding structural pieces.  The commonly known hydroperoxide-based curing mechanism used in anaerobic adhesives provides fast curing in an oxygen-free environment, for which curing occurs relatively fast. However, ultimate strength of the adhesive is highly dependent on the type of substrate used (metallic) and for some applications, on the conditions of preparation of the bond. 


Tensile testing equipment with accessory for horizontal lap shear testing of extremely-rapid cure adhesives

Accessory for horizontal lap shear testing. This assembly allows testing adhesives that are initially liquid but cure faster than the time it takes to clamp the sample and start-up a typical vertical lap shear test.