Materials Engineering - Approved Technical Electives

Eighteen credit hours of Technical Electives must be selected from lists of courses approved by the faculty of the School of Materials Engineering. At least 12 of the 18 credit hours are to be selected from the approved list of materials-related courses below. Up to 6 credit hours can be chosen from the list of Support Area Electives.




MSE 49700        Selected topics in Materials Engineering

Electronics Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration

(Prerequisites: Junior standing)


MSE 49900        Independent Research

                           (Prerequisites: approval from instructor)


MSE 50200        Defects in Solids    

                            (Prerequisites: Senior standing)


MSE 50500        Modeling and Simulation of Materials Processing

                           (Prerequisites: MSE 34000 or ME 31500)


MSE 50800        Phase Transformation in Solids           

                           (Prerequisites: Junior standing)


MSE 51000        Microstructural Characterization Techniques       

                           (Prerequisites: MSE 335 or Senior standing)


MSE 51200        Powder Processing

                           (Co-requisites MSE 33000) 


MSE 51800        Failure Analysis    

                           (Prerequisites: MSE 38200)


MSE 52300        Physical Ceramics  

                           (Prerequisites: Senior standing)   


MSE 52400        Mechanical Behavior of Polymers

                           (Prerequisites: MSE 38200)


MSE 52500        Structure, Prop Relationships of Engineering Polymers    

                           (Prerequisites: MSE 26000, or MSE 34000, MSE 42000)       


MSE 52700        Introduction to Biomaterials              

                           (Prerequisites: Sophomore 60+ credits)


MSE 53100        Quantitative Analysis of Microstructure  

                           (Prerequisites: Junior 74+ credits)


MSE 53600        Solidification of Casting     

                           (Co-requisites:  MSE 33000)



MSE 54700        Introduction to Surface Science

                           (Prerequisites: Senior standing)


MSE 54800        Deposition Processing of Thin Films and Coatings     

                           (Co-requisites:  MSE 33000)                           


MSE 55000        Properties of Solids        

                           (Prerequisites: Senior standing)


MSE 55500        Deformation Mechanisms in Crystalline Solids           

                           (Prerequisites:   MSE 38200)                                                           


MSE 55600        Fracture of Materials

                           (Prerequisites:   MSE 38200)


MSE 55900        Phase Equilibria in Multicomponent Systems  

                           (Prerequisites: Junior Standing and MSE 26000)


MSE 56000        Production of Inorganic Materials  

                           (Prerequisites: Senior standing)


MSE 56200        Soft Materials  

                           (Prerequisites:   MSE 42000)


MSE 56700        Polymer Synthesis   

                           (Prerequisites:   MSE 42000 or Junior 74+ credits)


MSE 57500        Transport Phenomena in Solids     

                           (Prerequisites: Senior standing)


MSE 57600        Corrosion     

                           (Prerequisites: Junior standing)


MSE 58600       Experimental Characterization of Advanced Composite Materials     

                           (Prerequisites: Senior standing)


MSE 58900        Archeology & Materials Science

                           (Prerequisites Junior standing)


MSE 59700        Selected topics in Materials Engineering:

                            (Prerequisites: Senior standing unless otherwise noted)`

§  MSE 59700/51700 Hypersonic Materials (co-MSE 330)

§  MSE 59700/57700 Intro to Materials Science of Rechargeable Batteries

§  MSE 59700/57000 Material Modeling and Informatics

§  Superalloys and High Temperature Materials (MSE 270 and MSE 340)

§  Deformation Processing (co-MSE 330)  

§  Steel & Al:  Processing & Properties (co-MSE 330)

§  Lean Manufacturing 

§  Sports Technology & Entrepreneurship

§  Kinetics of Materials  

§  Dynamic Mechanical Properties

§  Dislocation Dynamics  

§  Materials in Extreme Environments

§  Design Global Sustainability

§  Design Global Sustainability II

§  Solid State Materials

§  Magnetic Materials Nano Fundamentals & Applications

§  Additive Mfgr of Materials



AAE 55200        Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures & Materials                               

AAE 55300        Elasticity in Aerospace Engineering                                  

AAE 55400        Fatigue of Structures & Materials              

AAE 55500        Mechanics of Composite Materials                                                            

CHE 44200        Chemistry & Engineering of High Polymers   

CHE 54300        Polymerization Reaction Engineering and Reactor Analysis

CHE 54400        Structure & Physical Behavior of Polymer Systems 

CHE 59700        Special topic: Organic Electronic Materials & Devices

ECE 30500         Semiconductor Devicess

ECE 55700         Integrated Circuit Fab Lab     

EEE 43000         Industrial Ecology And Life Cycle Analysis          

IPPH 56200       Introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes                         

ME 41300          Noise Control 

ME 50700          Laser Processing

ME 55400          Patents, Licensing and Tech Entrepreneurship – only 1 credit hour course

ME 55900          Micromechanics of Materials  

ME 59700          Advanced Mechanical Engineering Projects I

·         Environmentally Sustainable Design & Manufacturing

·         Environmentally Sustainable Design and Manufacture

·         Artificial Intelligence in Thermal Systems                 

NUCL 49700     Fuel Cell Engineering

PHYS 54500      Solid State Physics

PHYS 57000      Selected Topics in Physics

·         Propulsion Design, Build, Test

·         Phys Chemistry & Nanomaterials

·         Fundamental Atomic Force Microscopy

·         Phys & Material Science of Semiconductor Nanostructures


Last revised: 09/27/22