Examples of Student Projects

Our students benefit from capstone projects to apply technical skills and hone soft skills. They help industrial sponsors solve real problems and make connections to jump start their careers. This is just a sampling of past projects.

Spring 2023 Capstone Projects

  1. Applied Fabricators - Preventative and Predictive Maintenance 
  2. Applied Fabricators - Automated Sheet Stock Palletization
  3. Arcamed - Manufacturing Layout and Product Flow for Existing and New Space
  4. Copper Moon Coffee - Supply Chain Cost Optimization
  5. Clinton Prairie Schools - Food Service
  6. Clinton Prairie Schools - Transportation
  7. Descon - Facility Layout and Transition
  8. Dormakaba - Distribution Center Optimization
  9. HP - Visualizing Performance Metrics
  10. HP - Variation to Consumption Analysis
  11. Integra Life Sciences - Developing a Holistic Ergonomic Solution for Porcine Organ Tissue Extraction Process
  12. Inventus Power - Manufacturing Improvement Project
  13. Leadership Southern Indiana - Organizational Impact Dashboard
  14. MPI Corp - Optimization of Material Movement and Delivery
  15. MPI Corp - Optimization of the Value Stream for Washer Product Family
  16. Newbury Franklin Industrials - New Facility Layout
  17. Northstar Aerospace - Developing Data Driven Metrics & Visual Controls
  18. PepsiCo - Biodiesel Feasibility
  19. PepsiCo - Hydrogen Roadmap
  20. PepsiCo - MPG Optimization
  21. Phoenix USA RV - RV Parts Digital Library Design
  22. Photon Automation - Battery Submodule Assembly Line
  23. Purdue Dining - Refrigerator & Freezer Storage
  24. Purdue Disability Resource Center - Adaptive Educational Services - IUPUI
  25. Purdue Industrial Engineering - Manufacturing Lab Launch
  26. Purdue University North Central Nursing Clinics - Behavioral Health Intake Process Improvement
  27. Purdue University North Central Nursing Clinics - Improving Patient Flow at Delphi Clinic
  28. Purdue University North Central Nursing Clinics - Improving Patient Flow at Monon Clinic
  29. Telamon - Material Staging Flow Optimization
  30. Thinker Labs - SIBR/STTR Engagement Initiative Process & Tools
  31. Viewrail - Merge Matterport & Inventor Files
  32. Warrant Technologies: CMMI Migration V1.3 to V2.0
  33. Warsaw Chemical - Future State layout
  34. Modineer - Data Acquisition for Powder Coat Paint Line Decision Making

Fall 2022 Capstone Projects

  1. Amazon: Reducing Scrap on SLAM Machines
  2. Amazon: Reducing Downtime on SmartPac Machines
  3. Amazon: Maintenance Bench Test
  4. Decatur County and Decatur County Visitors Commission: Solar Eclipse Planning Logistics
  5. Diesel Forward: Wash Line and High-Pressure Blasting Automation
  6. Dynamic Metals: Preventative Maintenance
  7. Gem City Metals: Preventative Maintenance
  8. GNC: Pallet Put Away Structure Project
  9. HARPA: Noise Managing Headphones
  10. Hupp Aerospace/Defense: ERP Recommendation
  11. Indiana Tourism Association: Solar Eclipse Event Planning
  12. Northstar Aerospace: Manufacturing Visual Controls
  13. Penz Products: Insulated Foam Door Process Improvement
  14. Purdue Student Success Programs: Testing Center Co-Location
  15. Spencer County Visitors Bureau: Solar Eclipse Planning Logistics
  16. Tesla: Megapack Production Line Simulation
  17. Tramec Sloan: Fender Bracket Assembly
  18. Tramec Sloan: Manufacturing Line Process Improvement
  19. Tramec Sloan: Save-a-Load Bar
  20. Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner: Billing Workflow Project

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Other Examples of Previous Projects

  1. Maximize (process & supply for) car seat plastics recycling
  2. Optimize vegetable seed production across multiple global locations
  3. Initiate a newly purchased hydroponic growth system, layout the area, and assess efficient and effective work flow design
  4. Optimize bed count with hospital forecasts at multiple Indiana Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) locations  
  5. Reduce yield loss and environmental impact for our [product] production lines; process flow, identify loss points, quantify, prioritize losses, root cause, plan, implement, and estimated savings
  6. Design and recommend plant expansion layout: process mapping, flow analysis, simulation (Arena) of throughput and workstation design
  7. Design and implement a process control for food preparation and service to allergy sufferers in dining and catering services
  8. Aid data-driven decision making: evaluate and provide cost analysis of an IoT (Internet of Things) manufacturing monitoring platform
  9. Reduce clinician burnout and increase efficiency regarding electronic medical records activities
  10. Optimize transportation services to provide easy, safe, and supportive transportation for long term care clients' appointments
  11. Improve efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of a sales forecasting model that includes a visualization tool, enabling quicker and more robust decision making
  12. Create an interactive chat bot for noise repair diagnostics 

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