Examples of Student Projects

Our students benefit from capstone projects to apply technical skills and hone soft skills. They help industrial sponsors solve real problems and make connections to jump start their careers. This is just a sampling of past projects.

Sample of Recent Projects

  1. Maximize (process & supply for) car seat plastics recycling
  2. Vegetable Seed Production Optimization
  3. Initiate a newly purchased hydroponic growth system, layout the area, and assess efficient and effective work flow design
  4. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Bed Planning 
  5. Reduce yield loss and environmental impact for our [product] production lines; process flow, identify loss points, quantify, prioritize losses, root cause, plan, implement, and estimated savings
  6. Involved with a new plant expansion define the scope and present process mapping, simulation (Arena) of material flow, design of workstations and overall plant layout involved with new equipment installations
  7. Determine Process to Implement Purple Diamond Concept for Allergies in University Dining and Catering services
  8. Evaluate and provide cost analysis of investment opportunity in an IoT (Internet of Things) platform through which performance metrics can be monitored and plant equipment performance and denigration may be captured and analyzed.
  9. Reduce clinician burnout and input time regarding electronic medical records activities; study data, spend time with clinicians and recommend ways to reduce input burden
  10. Optimize the transportation services to provide easy, safe, and supportive transportation for long term care clients' appointments
  11. Develop a grant management tool that would keep all grant contract requirements and information together; indicate deliverable, funding, timeline status and allow for easy tracking AND a dashboard for customer and stakeholder use.

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