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Examples of Past Projects

Spring 2018


Home Depot

Use data analytics, lean strategy and other process improvement tools to increase efficiency, improve workflow and streamline processes


Endress + Hauser - Greenwood, IN                       

Flowmeter production - Interested in waste reduction in each assembly operation, cycle time, total lead time, cost estimate of implementation and summary of savings


Endress + Hauser - Greenwood, IN   

Packing Material - Consolidate storage of packing material and increase efficiencies in delivery and ergonomics; evaluate and recommend improvements on delivery method from vendor


Meyers Spring

High volume assembly area: evaluate design and current state, improve throughput, streamline process, and evaluate the ergonomics of new station


Veterans Hospital - Indy

Eye Clinic - Analyze and recommend improvement methods that maximize resources (staffing, space, etc.) and patient satisfaction


Veterans Hospital - Indy

Transportation - Improve and optimize the transportation services used by the hospital to provide easy, safe, and supportive transportation to our veterans to their various appointments


Veterans Hospital - Indy

Scheduling System - Integrate four separate scheduling systems for increased reporting optimization and process work flow


Purdue Dining & Catering – West Lafayette

Storage - Develop optimal layout and Increase storage for china, linen, utensils, alcohol location efficiency


Purdue Dining & Catering – West Lafayette

Setup and Tear Down - Analyze and optimize event setup and tear down process


Purdue Dining & Catering – West Lafayette

Kitchen Plan - Research what would be the most efficient layout for new kitchen plan, cost and propose new layout


Purdue Dining & Catering – West Lafayette

Wiley Dishroom - Increase the efficiency of the operation design, flow of resources, and placement of work related materials


Purdue Dining & Catering – West Lafayette  

Allergies - Research use of the process, develop marketing, and develop a process for notifying the dining courts of need for special meals


Purdue Dining & Catering – West Lafayette

Cosi - Help redesign the Cosi front line to improve efficiency and work flow


Premier Detailing and Wash - Lafayette

Focus on maximizing efficiency in each bay with new technology; study trials to find how much waste will be eliminated


Fine Hygienic Holding

Design and develop a product entry into the global feminine protection category 


Retail Grocer

Develop a more efficient method in collecting facility profile and applying profile data using estimations verses manual collections


Retail Grocer

Identify opportunities and measure current state of how retail grocery employees are allocating their time in the department in relation to customer curbside activity


Cameron Hospital - Angola, IN

Increase efficiency within the Medical Surgical Staff 


United Bulk 

Use data analytics to develop Activity Based Costing Model with interest in expanding terminal capacity 


Wabash National  

Develop labor standards for a high-option newly-launched production line 



Provide recommendations on optimal facility layout, volume balancing & a staffing plan of a new Midwest Supercenter


CVS Pharmacy

Analyze factory physics, workload, workflow and staffing during the two-shift (16-hour) operation


IU Health-Riley Hospital for Children - Indianapolis                

Develop a tool to coordinate Child Behavioral Health Care across multiple resources


ZF - Commercial Steering             

Improve process flow in steering column assembly lines 


B. Walter Company

Improve process flow and changeover in welding and stamping areas 



Improve Quality Management System documentation in preparation for an upcoming audit



Redesign and re-layout the Extended Care Area of the PU Health Center 


Caterpillar DOC Assembly

Improve efficiency in assembling and installation of the DOC in the final assembly 


Caterpillar Transformation VSM

Transform process of connecting rod manufacturing through the use of value streams; recommend improvements


Reindeer Shuttle

Conduct analytical projects to sustainably respond to the continuous growth in demand on services; recommend ways to meet growth in demand



Redesign plant layout of both existing and new equipment into a new adjacent factory based on demand forecast

Fall 2017

1 Purdue Univ. School of Nursing Develop a user interface is to aid in scheduling the varying courses in the simulation lab
2 Meijer, Inc.  Evaluate the task work in new inventory coordinator roles in stores to better align to daily responsibilities and improve the flow of product from "door to floor"
3 Caterpillar #1 Design New Light Weight Universal 3500 Engine Support Stands
4 Caterpillar #2 Evaluate and recommend process improvements that will increase capacity, reduce lead times and improve cost efficiencies in the 3600 Engine area
5 FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automotive) Use preventive maintenance equipment procedures to develop manpower requirements for the 5 skilled trades within KTP
6 Deloitte Consulting LLP Evaluate and provide cost analysis of investment opportunity in an IoT (Internet of Things) platform through which performance metrics can be monitored and plant equipment performance and denigration may be captured and analyzed.
7 Lafayette Steel & Aluminum Division of Oscar Winski Co. Streamline material flow, minimize required warehouse space and reduce wasted operator motion. Provide plan as to how this additional production volume can be housed with our existing facility
8 Endress+Hauser Analyze the transport carts in the Pressure department. The team will present a detailed analysis outlining cart inventory, storage and flow-through time. The team should provide recommendations based on their findings regarding increase in productivity, use of lean principles, and implementation of process improvements, data analysis and design.
9 Purdue Univ. Dining & Catering Located on the lower level of Armstrong Hall of Engineering. Amelia’s is home to fresh sandwiches, soups and salads. Made in house daily along with variety made- to- order beverages. The goal of this project is to research the efficiency behind the counter and make recommendations based on increased efficiency of line queuing/service and set up/clean up.
10 Purdue Univ. Dining & Catering The catering department serves groups as small as three up to groups of 5,000, from coffee and donuts to four-course meals. The goal of this project is to look at efficiency: of set up/tear down and clean up.  Present costs associated with recommendations.
11 Sacoma Involved with a new plant expansion define the scope and present process mapping, simulation (Arena) of material flow, design of workstations and overall plant layout involved with new equipment installations
12 Sero Colombia Solve immediate and future capacity challenges conducting a remote project, study and understand the current lines and provide recommendations for a new relocated facility
13 U.S. State Department Determine the validity of an Act and its original intent with impact on today’s industry

Spring 2017

1 Lafayette Steel & Aluminum Engineer a single-piece flow, automated extrusion bending work cell
2 Aurora Parts & Accessories LLC - Lebanon                            Review all aspects of our existing quality assurance program and recommend both for the implementation of new measurements/programs and for value-added improvements to existing programs
3 Veterans Hospital Indy Pharmacy 1: Optimize medication routes utilizing Omnicell
4 Veterans Hospital Indy Engineering Purchase Process Improvement
5 Veterans Hospital Indy Develop technology to empower veterans to navigate VA healthcare system
6 Veterans Hospital Indy Improve on-line ordering system of expendable items
7 Veterans Hospital Indy Develop resource allocation models for the following use-cases of healthcare available only in the emergency care setting
8 Endress+Hauser Central Stores Optimization
9 Premier Detailing and Wash Further develop Scanning systems on smart devices
10 Endress+Hauser Improve layout of the "Combi" (three level measurement devices)
11 Purdue IE Develop for the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) a professional development capability for systems engineers
12 IU Simon Cancer Center/ Purdue University   Use data analytics to study and recommend improvements for patient experience
13 Purdue Dining & Catering Recommend the most efficient set up to allow for all three brands (Harrison Grille, Pete's Za and the Daily Bite) to continue functioning in the same production area
14 Purdue Dining & Catering Recommend best layout for outside patio area for Ford Dining Court Outdoor Seating
15 Purdue Dining & Catering Improve processes of the PMU dish room
16 Purdue Dining & Catering Improve the accessibility and utility of the space and efficiency of the PMU kitchen area
17 Evonik For the Rotary Vacuum Drying Operation, creating a scraping tool and cleaning station for the tool that addresses the ergonomic issues with handling this tool
18 Airline research/Purdue University Conduct an ergonomics assessment at maintenance facility
19 IU Health  Study workload requirements, analyze demand patterns, and design a new staffing model for a clinical or support area
20 IU Health  Develop a care model for Riley
21 IU Health  Study the volume of fast track patients, the provider/ED staff staffing model, and national best practices for design and throughput
22 IU Health  Reduce clinician burnout and input time regarding electronic medical records activities; study data, spend time with clinicians and recommend ways to reduce input burden
23 Janus Developmental Services                    Initiate a newly purchased hydroponic growth system, layout the area, and assess efficient and effective work flow design
24 Montgomery County Health Dept.                Develop a grant management tool that would keep all grant contract requirements and information together; indicate deliverable, funding, timeline status and allow for easy 
25 ConAgra Foods Reduce yield loss and environmental impact for our Reddi Wip production lines; process flow, ID loss points, quantify, prioritize losses, root cause, plan, implement, est savings
26 Newgistics Train on and apply MOST (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique) and use MOST to develop & validate engineered labor standards for the Fishers; recommend improvements to processes or facility layout
27 Phoenix Closures One project would help us understand the cost and labor for color changes on our production lines; second project to develop a process flow or value stream map for our warehouse operations when it becomes finished goods
28 Fiat Chrysler Automotive Multiple transmission parts are processed through a high pressure de-burr machine, which must have the grippers changed based on which product is being processed. Due to increased demand, the need to reduce cycle time is required.
29 Marion Manufacturing Develop a production scheduling/reporting system that will produce detailed production plans from either their existing MRP system, or from some other process
30 Grocery Retailer Retail Store Work Process Efficiency Improvement Opportunities:  Front-End Operations
31  Grocery Retailer Retail Store Work Process Efficiency Improvement Opportunities:  Deli Operations

Fall 2016

Grocery Retailer Work Sampling Study
2 Lafayette Police Dept Process Improvement of Dispatched Calls
3 RecycleForce Improve facility process flow 
4 Triumph Group Improve safety and ergonomics
5 Hillenbrand Dining Court Optimizing the "Take Back" program
6 Montgomery Health Dept. Improve management system/create dashboard
7 VA Hospital Improve efficiency in medical/surgical inventory
8 Janus Developmental Services Increase work floor space utilization and organization
9 Fiat-Chrysler Automotive Improve SI-EVT production schedule
10 Caito Foods Services Improve warehouse layout
11 Grocery Retailer Improve efficiency in retail store work processes
12 Premier Auto Detailing and Wash Introduce new technology in reorganized space
13 Purdue IE Develop web-based database for past senior design projects
14 Purdue Dining Courts Optimize line set-up for five different dining courts
15 Fewell Monument Streamline production in monument manufacturing
16 Buchanan Group Improve production scheduling to increase throughput
17 Marble Products International Implement a new inventory tracking system
18 Lemongrass Optimize efficiency of service and customer flow
19 Benton County Health Dept. Design a performance management system
20 Endress+Hauser Design and prototype a product handling cart

Spring 2016

1 IU Health Physician Area redesign
2 Eaton 1 Reduce waste in returnable packaging
3 Eaton 2 Decanting/Metering
4 E&H Wetzer Ergonomic Evaluation
5 Jeco Plastics Improve Sensor Collection System
6 Meyers Spring Company Assembly design of Hay Rake Wheels and Will-Rich Springs
7 Premier Wash and Detail New Premier Detailing Operations
8 Fiat Chrysler Automotive Using WCM (World Class Manufacturing) methodology and TOC (Theory of Constraints) identify
issues for the 9-Speed Transmission machining process.  Determine top issues as related to
efficiency, availability and quality with focus being the process bottleneck.  
9 Intel LoRA-based applications for Industrial Internet of Things
10 Purdue Dining and Catering 1 Cueing of the line and efficient set up in the current space of the retail operation in MSEE
11 Purdue Dining and Catering 2 Increase process efficiency used for producing products for On-the Go! and Retail
12 Purdue Dining and Catering 3 Hillenbrand Dining Court Line Cueing and Salad Bar
13 Purdue Dining and Catering 4 Increase process efficiency in the meat tumbling process currently at Wiley Dining Court
14 Purdue Dining and Catering 5 Windsor Dining Court On-the-Go
15 Wabash Center Balance workload and schedule 30-vehicle fleet
16 Zimmer Biomet  Use collected data to determine proper machine allowances
17 Lowes At RDC, Design ergonomic and effective picking cart for doors and windows
18 CNO Financial Group 1 Claims Production Standards (work measurement)
19 CNO Financial Group 2 Claims Forecasting Model (forecasting and production scheduling)
20 CNO Financial Group 3 Operations Workstation Analysis (human factors/ergonomics)
21 Tru-Flex After Market Business Unit Error-proof the kitting validation procedure (incorrect labeling of shipping boxes)
22 Kimball Hospitality Machine Flow Scheduling Project (Batch Size Determination, Scheduling Tool Development)
23 Best Home Furnishings Ergonomic Enhancements to Upholstered Furniture Assembly
24 Wabash National  Final Mile Facility (FMF) Value Stream Map
25 Newgistics 1 Indianapolis Sort Balancing
26 Newgistics 2 Inbound Process Overhaul and Redesign
27 Holland Colours America  Small Batch Holcoprill Manufacturing Process
28 GM Ft. Wayne Assembly Lean Material Strategy, Kit Cell Design

Fall 2015

1 General Motors Fort Wayne Assemble (FWA) Final Process Manpower Utilization
2 General Motors Marion Metal Center Elimination of waste with handling and storing of blanks between the blanking operations and press lines
3 Newgistics (Fishers, IN) Incentive Pay Design (Pay for Performance)
4 Newgistics (Cincinnati, OH) Staffing Plan Design for Large Continuity Program
5 Fairfield Manufacturing (Lafayette, IN) Tooling Location Project
6 Aurora Parts (Lebanon, IN) Shift Workflow Planning
7 Caterpillar (Lafayette, IN) Assembly Line Load Balancing Tool
8 Crossroads Industrial Services (Indianapolis, IN) Polystyrene Recycling Process Sound Reduction
9 Premier Auto Detailing and Wash (Lafayette, IN) Streamline all office processes
10 Zimmer Biomet (Warsaw, IN) Machine Allowances
11 Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) (Kokomo, IN) 948TE Machining Project - 9 Speed Transmission
12 Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) (Kokomo, IN) 845RE Machining Project - 8 Speed Transmission
13 Purdue University Dining and Catering Central Production Kitchen Product Transportation 
14 Purdue University Dining and Catering Living Wall or Roof Top Garden
15 Purdue University Dining and Catering CBORD (Food Management System) efficiencies 
16 Purdue University Dining and Catering Windsor Dining Court Dish Room
17 Wabash National (Lafayette, IN) Axle Bogie Validation of Current Cycle Times and Costing
18 Wabash National (Lafayette, IN) Metal Fab  Aftermarket Validation of Current Cycle Times and Costing
19 Wabash National (Lafayette, IN) Comprehensive Material Usage Value Stream Map
20 Wabash National (Lafayette, IN) Lafayette Manufacturing Campus Optimization 
21 Wabash National (Lafayette, IN) Rear Frame Validation of Current Cycle Times and Costing
22 IU Health   (Lafayette, IN) RN staffing according to patient arrivals