Industrial Engineering Faculty & Staff Awards

A. Alan Pritsker Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 

The A. Alan Pritsker Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award is given annually to an Industrial Engineering faculty member in recognition of his/her outstanding teaching as demonstrated by a superior ability to communicate material to undergraduate students and to stimulate their desire to master it as well as a commitment to aiding and motivating undergraduate students in a counseling or advisory capacity. Winners are selected on the basis of the highest total score received via a vote of Senior IE students.

2021 - Yuehwern Yih

2020 - Mario Ventresca 

Photo of Mario Ventresca receiving Pritsker Best Teacher Award

2019 - Joaquin Goni

2018 - Mario Ventresca

2017 - Steve Landry

2016 - Mario Ventresca

2015 - Yuehwern Yih

2014 - Steve Landry

2013 - Yuehwern Yih

2012 - Steve Landry


James H. Greene Graduate Educator Award in Industrial Engineering

In 1998, the School of Industrial Engineering established an award to honor a given faculty member in recognition of his or her outstanding teaching in the graduate program. Outstanding graduate teaching is interpreted in the broadest sense to include but not limited to classroom teaching, academic advising, research supervision, and student mentoring. In 2000, the award was designed as the James H. Greene Graduate Educator Award in Industrial Engineering. The winner is chosen by a vote of graduate studenst in Industrial Engineering at the West Lafayette campus.

2021 - Zach Hass

2020 - Seokcheon Lee

2019 - Nagabhushana Prabhu

2018 - Steve Landry

2017 - Steve Landry

2016 - Steve Landry

2015 - Seokcheon Lee

2014 - Hong Wan

2013 - Hong Wan

2012 - Seokcheon Lee


Industrial Engineering Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

2019 - Christopher Quinn

2018 - Hua Cai

2017 - Harsha Honnappa


Photo of Erin Gough receiving 2018 Outstanding Staff AwardIndustrial Engineering Outstanding Staff Award

2021 - Leza Dellinger, Director of Operations

2020 - Lindsay Sellers, IE Support Staff

2019 - Morgan Kuryla, Senior Academic Advisor

2018 - Erin Gough, Events Specialist

2017 - Anita Park, Graduate Program Specialist

2016 - Elizabeth Allum, Academic Advisor

2015 - Cheryl Barnhart, Graduate Program Coordinator

2014 - Leza Dellinger, IE School Coordinator