Job Creation 23 Jobs created with Indiana manufacturers Manufacturing Extension Partnership Survey Q1-Q3 2023)
Economic Impact $11.5M Economic impact among Indiana based manufacturers Manufacturing Extension Partnership Survey Q1-Q3 2023)
Cutting Edge 17,000 Square Feet of Lab Space in Gateway Facility (plus lab space in GRIS, FLEX, and POTR

Hands On Experience

Our students benefit from capstone projects to apply technical skills and hone soft skills. They help industrial sponsors solve real problems and make connections to jump start their careers. This is just a sampling of past projects.

  • Amazon: Reducing Scrap on SLAM Machines
  • Amazon: Reducing Downtime on SmartPac Machines
  • Amazon: Maintenance Bench Test
  • Decatur County and Decatur County Visitors Commission: Solar Eclipse Planning Logistics
  • Diesel Forward: Wash Line and High-Pressure Blasting Automation

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Making an Impact

A description of economic impact made by the Purdue IE Capstone program. $3.8M in sales increase, plust $4M in sales retained and more

Recent Project Examples

Applied Fabricators - Preventative and Predictive Maintenance 
Arcamed - Manufacturing Layout and Product Flow for Existing and New Space
Clinton Prairie Schools - Food Service
Descon - Facility Layout and Transition
HP - Visualizing Performance Metrics
Integra Life Sciences - Developing a Holistic Ergonomic Solution for Porcine Organ Tissue Extraction Process
Leadership Southern Indiana - Organizational Impact Dashboard
Northstar Aerospace - Developing Data Driven Metrics & Visual Controls
PepsiCo - MPG Optimization
Amazon: Reducing Downtime on SmartPac Machines

"The Purdue team's advanced analytics approach was well outside HP's existing evaluation methods. Their unique perspective and systemic approach enabled a thorough fact-based outcome and recommendation that resolved years of internal debate regarding optimum inventory requirements for a most strategic and profitable category."

David Lary, Vice President and General Manager, U.S. Consumer and Supplies Sales at HP

Director of Industry Relations