Cooperative Education and Internships

Purdue provides programs related to cooperative education with industry. More information about the programs available can be found on the Office of Professional Practice (OPP) site. These can include the traditional Co-Op program with alternating work and on-campus terms, or via internships.

Process once Co-Op offer is secured:

  1. Once you accept a co-op offer from an OPP partnering employer, submit a copy of your offer letter to Morgan Kuryla ( and Dr. Pat Brunese (

  2. Schedule an advising appointment with Morgan to develop a revised plan-of-study.

  3. Contact the Division of Financial Aid to discuss the impact of participating in Co-Op on any scholarships or financial aid you have at the time of the offer.

  4. If you are an international student, review the F-1 Visa Student Information  and complete the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Process.