Industrial Engineering Professional Masters Program Sponsorship

Two-semester projects are a differentiating feature of our Professional Masters program. See your students in action!

Define > Measure > Analyze > Improve > Control  Communicate, Communicate, Communicate; Impact the Organization

Apply our problem solving to

Build Simulations Address high inventory & WIP levels
Evaluate workplace ergonomics Crystallize work procedures
Resolve bottleneck operations Optimize supply chain logistics
Improve unsafe work areas Improve facility layout
Recommend repair vs. replace options Analyze value/non-value operations
Address product quality Perform Data Analytics
Optimize production scheduling ...and more.


Current and Future PMP Industrial Sponsors

Tesla GE Aviation Caterpillar  
Saab Aerospace Cannon Medical Systems, USA Cummins
Firestone Dana
MacAllister Cat      


Professional Master's Program Contact: 

Ben Fong, PhD, PE
Associate Professor of Practice, 
Professional Master’s Program
School of Industrial Engineering
Purdue University
315 N. Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2023
Phone: +1 765 494-6515