About Us

As a world-class research institute and a top-rated Engineering School, Purdue University is uniquely suited to develop innovations that can help alleviate poverty, protect the planet, and promote prosperity for all. Under Global Engineering Program and Partnerships, the Shah Lab fosters and sustains a vibrant community of faculty, staff, and students working with domestic and international partners to address socioeconomic challenges based on engineering innovations and market-driven approaches. Our initiatives comprise research, design, adaptation, and field-testing of appropriate technologies and services that have a strong scaling potential in the forms of solutions for energy access, healthcare, water and sanitation, labor-saving innovations, and disaster/humanitarian response.

The Shah Family Global Innovation Lab was founded to convene and catalyze consortia, matching world-class capability with the most pressing global challenges. In the words of Mung Chiang, The John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering and Roscoe H. George Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, “As a public land grant institution, we care not only about the teaching and discovery of knowledge but also dissemination and impact on global societies. And when our faculty and students think about solutions, they should always start from the real problems on the ground - Shah Family Global Innovation Lab is a fantastic way to achieve our mission.”

George Chiu, Assistant Dean for Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, mentions, “Building on our benefactor’s vision of global ethical obligations; we believe that Shah Lab is uniquely positioned to leverage Purdue Engineering’s strength in research and innovation by working with our partners to tackle critical developmental challenges.”

Our Mission

To utilize our engineering and research strength to support sustainable development goals by working in partnership with non-profits, industry stakeholders, education & research institutes, and community groups around the world.

To ultimately contribute towards creating large-scale, sustained impact by translating our research and innovations into affordable solutions and services, evidence-based methodologies, and entrepreneurial ventures advancing social justice.

To utilize such opportunities of working with groups in the emerging world as learning opportunities in research questions and as avenues for personal growth in such a multi-cultural environment.

At a Glance

  • 24 projects/research funded
  • 36 faculty members engaged from across Purdue
  • 42 Students engaged through projects
  • 10 Countries footprint through partnerships across projects