Welcome to the Office of Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships

In this day and age, most US businesses are global. Many have employees, value chains, and markets extending far beyond US borders. At Purdue’s Office of Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships, we firmly believe that immersive, transformative international experiences such as studying, working, or researching abroad lead to more effective engineers-graduates that can work effectively across cultural, ethnic, and national boundaries and help their employers or their own businesses succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

Engineering also has a direct and vital impact on the quality of life of all people, especially for poor and vulnerable populations around the world. Through international partnerships engineering students, staff, and faculty can play a key role in translating innovations to scalable solutions for eradicating extreme poverty, hunger, improving global health, building resilient societies, and empowering vulnerable populations.

Globally competent engineers and global impact. That’s what GEPP is all about! I invite you to browse these webpages to learn about global programs and opportunities in the College of Engineering. And welcome to the exciting world of global engineering!