Visa Information

    GEP is not a visa or a passport service.  We cannot obtain your visa for you, however, we can offer some guidance and helpful suggestions regarding the visa process.  It is your responsibility to research the visa requirements for each specific country to which you are traveling and for someone of your nationality.   

Begin with the following steps BEFORE requesting an appointment with GEP:

  1. Visit the consulate website for all countries in which you will be traveling (including those for which you may have a brief stopover). 

Information to research:

  1. Type of visa needed- based on length of stay and activity while in the country
  2. Consulate jurisdiction- You must reside within the jurisdiction of the consulate (usually, students enrolled at Purdue are considered residents of Indiana, but this may vary with the embassy).
  3. Are you able to mail an application or must you appear in person? 
  4. What is the processing time?
  5. Do you need to have your air ticket / itinerary before applying for a visa?
  6. Are there medical requirements (i.e. yellow fever card) to be addressed?
  7. Fees – visa fees; processing fees; postal fees, etc.


  1. Make a list of necessary documents.  Each country has different requirements based on nationality of the applicant and type of visa requested. It is your responsibility to research the specific location. Items that may be required are:
    1. Original Passport
    2. Visa application
    3. Passport photos
    4. Bank statements
    5. Proof of residency (drivers’ license, state issued ID, utility bill in your name, etc.)
    6. Roundtrip air ticket or itinerary
    7. Hotel reservations
    8. Letter of Invitation
    9. Proof of Insurance
    10. Money order for visa fees
    11. Immunization/health records


  1.  You may elect to use a Visa service (additional fees involved).  A list of visa services is easily found on the internet.


     *If you have completed all of the above steps and are still having trouble, please contact the GEP Office for an appointment.


Visa information for US Citizens: