Visa information for US Citizens

All Nationalities - Check to see if you need a Visa here:

  • CIBT Visas can help you obtain your Visa, but be aware that additional fees will apply.  CIBT will also assist non-US Citizens.
  • A list of other Visa service companies can easily be found online.  You are free to use any service you choose.

GEPP is not a visa or a passport service. GEPP cannot obtain your visa for you; however, we can offer some guidance and helpful suggestions regarding the visa process. It is your responsibility to research the visa requirements for each specific country to which you are traveling and for someone of your nationality.

Begin with the following steps BEFORE contacting GEPP for assistance:

  • Your Proof of International Health Insurance Letter can be printed from your "My Study Abroad Page"
  1. Visit the consulate website for all countries to which you will be traveling (including those for which you may have a brief stopover). Information to research:
  1. Type of visa needed – based on length of stay and activity while in the country
  2. Consulate jurisdiction – you must reside within the jurisdiction of the consulate (usually, students enrolled at Purdue are considered residents of Indiana, but this may vary)
  3. Application procedure, e.g. by mail, apply in person
  4. Processing times
  5. Required documentation (see below), e.g. air ticket, itinerary, letter of invitation
  6. Medical requirements, e.g. proof of yellow fever immunization
  7. Fees, e.g. visa fees, processing fees, postal fees
  8. Method of payment, e.g. money order, certified check, credit cards, personal check, cash
  9. If mailing in your documents, how should they be sent, e.g. US Postal Service, Federal Express, etc?  Is a pre-paid return envelope required?
  1. Make a list of necessary documents.  Each country has different requirements based on the nationality of the applicant and the type of visa requested. It is your responsibility to research the specific location. Items that may be required include:
    1. Original passport
    2. Visa application
    3. Photos – available at no charge for engineering students, faculty, and staff, by appointment only.  Email with your available times.
    4. Bank statements
    5. Proof of residency, e.g. driver's license, state issued ID, utility bill in your name
    6. Roundtrip air ticket or itinerary
    7. Hotel reservations
    8. Letter of invitation
    9. Proof of insurance
    10. Money order for visa fees
    11. Immunization/health records
  • Your Proof of Registration at Purdue Letter and Proof of Housing will be prepared by your study abroad coordinator in GEP².  You will be notified when original documents are ready for pick-up in the GEP² Office in Wang Hall approximately 90 days prior to departure date. 

  1.  You may elect to use a visa service (additional fees may apply).  Visa services may be easily found online.

If you have completed all of the above steps and need assistance, please contact us for an appointment.

Please note:  GEPP does not speak for the Government of any other country.  We cannot change the required documentation, procedures, appointment times, or processing times found on the website for the country you are visiting.  We read and follow the same instructions you do.  We cannot guarantee you will obtain a Visa, even with our assistance.