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Yes. Many of the requirements of the GEARE program can be used to complete the GESM.    

Contact your academic advisor (during your sophomore year) and they can add the minor to your MyPurdue Plan. After that, GEP² staff will monitor your progress and assist you in completing the minor and updating your MyPurdue Plan.

Yes, but please contact GEP² before you do this. We need to review your transcript and experiences to be sure it’s feasible for you to finish the GESM before your expected graduation date.

We encourage all students who are planning an internship to contact gep@purdue.edu and submit details about the internship before your start date.   All internships will still need to be evaluated after your return and supervisor evaluations submitted for formal approval, but it’s best to discuss any questions prior to the start of your internship.

It depends.  Please send an email to gep@purdue.edu to make an appointment to discuss the Experience.  If your work was on a globally focused project and your internship supervisor will complete the evaluation documents, it can be reviewed to see if it satisfies the requirement. 

No.  You must satisfactorily complete at least 6 credits of engineering coursework for it to be considered a Global Engineering Experience.  However, it may satisfy the “Other Global Experience” category as a Non-Engineering Study Abroad Experience.  Your transcript will need to be reviewed.

Not necessarily.  Please contact gep@purdue.edu and we will work with you to solve any issues.  We can’t make guarantees, but every effort will be made to assist you with any scheduling issues or course availability.

We are working on possible alternatives for this situation.  Please contact GEP² to discuss options.

Yes.  But, they both must be Engineering programs and at least 3 credits per program.  Non-engineering study abroad programs may be used to satisfy the “Other Global Experience” category.

Not quite.  As with all minors at Purdue, a certain number of credits must be taken on the Purdue West Lafayette Campus. You will need to complete one more upper level language class (receiving a “C” or better).  More information on these requirements.

This course is meant to be taken after your study abroad experience and other minor Requirements have been completed, ideally during your senior year. To receive department permission to register for this class, contact gep@purdue.edu and request an override.