Student Ambassadors

Becoming a GEP Ambassador is competitive and will require a resume, an application, and an interview by GEP Staff. As our Ambassadors graduate or move on to other activities, we will make a call for new applications.

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Elliot Bissman

Student Office Assistant

Mechanical Engineering


Hobbies: Outside of college, I love to bake, make and drink tea, and watch movies with my friends!

Purdue International Experience: While I don’t have any international experience yet, I was a member of the Global Engineering Living Community my freshman year and am now a member of GEARE, looking forward to studying and working as an intern internationally. I am passionate about renewable energy and hope to use my degree and experiences to get a job abroad working in the energy sector.


Ally Garrard

President - Global Engineering Ambassadors

Biomedical Engineering


International Places of Interest: I’d like to visit more countries in Europe next time I’m abroad, such as Italy, Spain, and Denmark.

Hobbies: Swimming, skiing, working out, watching TV, hanging out with friends, playing with my dogs.

Purdue International Experience: In May of 2022, I studied abroad in Germany for a maymester with the ABE department. We studied industrial microbial use in biotechnology and visited many technical sites such as universities, breweries and wineries, companies, and research labs. This was my first time out of the country and I enjoyed it so much!


Benjamin Maxwell

Student Clerical - Gep

First Year Engineering


International Places of Interest: Spain or Peru

Hobbies: I enjoy playing piano, practicing karate, rock climbing, and cooking. I am also up for trying anything new that anyone wants to show me.

Purdue International Experience: I have spent two weeks abroad in Peru to visit family and have an interest in international cuisine.


Sean Nowak

Treasurer - Global Engineering Ambassadors

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering


International Places of Interest: Scandanavia

Hobbies: Hiking and playing Tennis

Purdue International Experience: Short Term Study Abroad: Maymester in Stockholm, Sweden studying thermodynamics. Design Lead of EPICS Global Active Problem Solving team working with project partners in Barranquilla, Colombia.


Rose Sardina

Secretary - Global Engineering Ambassadors

Electrical engineering


International Places of Interest: Europe

Hobbies: Sports, Crafts, and Reading

Purdue International Experience: Traveled abroad to Canada, Spain, Portugal, and France.


Blake Wilson

Vice President - Global Engineering Ambassadors

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering


International Places of Interest: Everywhere!

Hobbies: Longboarding, listening to music, hiking, and traveling.

Purdue International Experience: Maymester in Stockholm, Sweden