Global Competency

Research Shows Employees Value Global Skills - A Lot

Adapted from the results of this study. Read full article to view the complete list of ranked skills.

To be a competent candidate in today's world, you need to expand your skill set. Learning cognitive and technical skills is just ONE aspect of what you'll gain with your Purdue education. GLOBAL AND INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE is another.

EIGHT of Forbes' 10 Vital Skills You Will Need for The Future of Work are related to developing global and intercultural competence. Global Engineering Programs & Partnerships (GEPP) has you covered providing you with programs and tools that allow you to develop these skills throughout your career at Purdue, including the GESM.

Research has shown that employers value global and intercultural skills in the workplace. Some of these skills are sometimes ranked higher than the qualifications related to the job or aspects like analytical thinking and IT skills. Read the British Council culture at work report.

GEPP TAKES YOUR DEVELOPMENT SERIOUSLY. In collaboration with the Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR), GEPP assesses the impact and development of students who participate in our programs. We use cross-culturally validated tools that have been used reliably for decades. Learn more about resources and the impact of our programs.