FAQ about STEP programs (for a list of programs, go here)

  1. When will I make the final payment for my STEP program? 

‚ÄčMay/Summer Programs:  After you make the initial $500 deposit, you won’t make any additional payments to Purdue until summer bills are generated by the Bursar’s Office.  The bills are processed at the end of April, with the final payment due in early May. 

Spring Break Programs:  The program fees will be charged on your Spring Semester Bursar Bill and due at the same time as all other spring charges in January. 

  1. Is my $500 deposit non-refundable?  Yes.  Once you pay your $500 deposit, it is non-refundable unless Purdue cancels the program for low enrollment.  If that happens, you will be given a full refund of your $500.  However, please be sure to read the Participation and Cancellation Form that is signed and uploaded with your deposit receipt.  It clearly states the cancellation policy and dates for when students incur fees.  You can find this form on your My Study Abroad Page.
  1.  How will I register in MyPurdue for this STEP Program?  You will be automatically registered for your STEP Program by the university.  You do not need to take any additional steps.
  1. Why do I need to provide a passport so early in the process? It’s vitally important that you upload a color copy of the information page of your passport on your My Study Abroad Page as soon as possible after you apply.  If you don’t have a current passport or need to renew it, please take care of it immediately by going to the US Passport Services.  Processing times can be unpredictable, and we often have to provide passport details to hotels, airlines, tours, and some site visits require security checks for participants.
  1. Why can’t I buy my flight immediately after acceptance into the program?  It is not advisable to purchase your flight until we contact you and confirm it’s OK to proceed.  We need to make sure enough students make their deposits and that the program is financially viable and confirm the details of arrival dates, hotels, etc.   We don’t want anyone to purchase a flight too early and be stuck with expensive change fees or a flight they can’t use.
  1. Am I required to use a specific airline when I purchase my flight?  No.  If you are purchasing your flight on your own, you may use any airline and depart from any airport.  However, you must follow all instructions sent to you about arrival in the host country. Make sure you are flying into and back out of the correct airports and are careful about arrival times.  Read and reread the instructions before you book!
  1. The program I chose has a group flight.  What do I need to do?  The most important piece of information for a group flight is your passport information.  Be sure to upload a color copy of your passport on your My Study Abroad page as soon as possible.   If you need to apply for a passport or renewal, do this immediately after you apply for your program. 
  1. What additional Financial Aid may I apply for?  For all questions about Financial Aid, please contact the Division of Financial Aid.  We cannot answer specific questions about financial aid because we don’t have access to your personal and family financial information.
  1. I was notified that I received a Purdue Moves Scholarship, but it isn’t showing on my Bursar Account.   Scholarships and any other Financial Aid you may receive will not be posted to your Bursar Account until approximately 2 weeks prior to the departure date.
  1. May I arrive before the program begins or stay after the program ends to do some additional travel?  Yes!  Many students plan additional travel before and after program dates.  However, be aware that housing, airport transfers, food, and any other expenses outside of the program dates will be your responsibility.  The International Health Insurance that is provided as part of your program will only cover the dates of the actual program.  Check with your normal insurance carrier to discuss travel in a foreign country and any additional costs associated if you were to have a claim. 
  1. I need to leave my program 2 days early.  Is this allowed?  Typically, no.  You must be with the group during the dates of the program.  However, talk to the Professor or Program Leader in charge, and they may make an exception if you won’t miss any academic activities.  The decision made by the Program Leader is final.
  1. Am I required to purchase the Cancellation Insurance? No.  Purchasing Cancellation Insurance is completely optional.  Lessons from 2020 taught everyone that life can be unpredictable, and we should be prepared.  The Study Abroad Office has sourced some options for “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance that you may purchase for your own peace of mind.  You may read more about these optional coverages on the INSURANCE MATTERS page on the main Purdue Study Abroad Page.  It’s also important to note that you may purchase insurance from any insurance company you choose. 
  1. What if I have questions about the Cancel for Any Reason Insurance?  Please contact the insurance company directly with any questions on coverage, reimbursement amounts, and what is and is not included in the plan.  We cannot answer questions on behalf of the insurance company. 
  1.  I’m not a US Citizen, so how do I check to see if I need a Visa for my destination/s?  You may check for Entry Requirements and Visa information at CIBT Visas.  CIBT will assist non-US Citizens with the Visa process (additional fees will apply).  You may also apply on your own by visiting the Consulate website for the country/countries you will be visiting.  Please visit the Visa page on the Global Engineering website for more information and procedures.  Requirements may vary based on your nationality.  Please note that obtaining a Visa is your responsibility and at your own cost.  Global Engineering is not a visa service and CANNOT obtain a visa for you.  For short-term programs, you will only need a Tourist Visa, not a student visa.
  1.  I am a US Citizen, and my destination does require a Visa for entry.  What do I do?  Typically, most of our destinations do not require US citizens to obtain a Tourist visa for entry, but occasionally it is required.  If this is the case, information on how to obtain a Tourist Visa will be sent to the group.  Please note that we CANNOT obtain a Visa for you, and additional fees will apply.  Obtaining a Visa is your responsibility, and you must follow all instructions and deadlines sent to you.  Visit the Visa Information Page on the Global Engineering website for helpful information.
  1.  My program ended, and I don’t see a grade posted?

Spring Break programs- Grades will be posted with other spring semester grades.

May/Summer programs -Grades will be posted just before the fall semester begins.

Until grades are posted, you may see an “I” on your transcript. This is just a placeholder until your final grade is entered by your Program Leader and sent to the Registrar.

  1. Will I get to know my fellow travelers before the program begins?  There will be at least one pre-departure meeting a few weeks prior to travel with your Program Leader.  However, we will send you an email list that you may use to contact others in your program.  Many students set up group chats, plan flights, additional travel, or get together on their own to meet the other students who will be sharing this amazing experience. 
  1. Am I allowed to choose my roommate?  Maybe.  We do our best to honor roommate requests, but all programs vary with the type of housing, the number of students per room (everyone has their own bed), or the group is moving from city to city.  Roommate requests will be taken about 6 weeks prior to departure.  Note: You will be placed with a same-gender roommate to try and keep a balanced number of rooms.  Single occupancy rooms incur additional charges that cannot be paid from the program budget.