GEP Vision and Mission 

VISION: "... Leadership through global impact ..."

The Purdue Global Engineering Program will be an integrated, model program for engineering schools across the world, offering the tools and opportunities for global engineering discovery, education of engineers who exhibit scientific initiative and cultural sensitivity as they step into roles of international leadership, engaging and positively impacting communities both at home and abroad.

MISSION: "... Global Leadership in Engagement, Learning, Discovery ..."

The GEP mission includes the three Purdue mission areas as follows:

Engagement: Improve the competence and livelihood of the engineering, academic and business communities in Indiana, the US and the world, through building global partnerships.

Discovery: Strengthen the College of Engineering's signature as a global engineering hub for strategic research in targeted geographic areas to meet the global engineering grand challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Learning: Provide opportunities to Engineering students of Purdue through global educational initiatives that empower them to become leaders of engineering discovery, engagement and learning.

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