Purdue University College of Engineering

Global Engineering Minor


Engineering students at Purdue have many new ways to document their global experiences through the College of Engineering’s revised Global Engineering Minor. The updated requirements feature both on- and off-campus experiences, and include some options specific to engineering and others that are more general. To earn the Minor, a student must complete two core classes that are intended as “bookends” for their global engineering experience:

  1. ENGR 20100 (Engineering in Global Context)  offered every Fall and Spring semester for 3 credit hours

  2. ENGR49700 (Global Engineering Re-entry) offered every Fall and Spring semester for 1 credit hour.

Additionally, participating students must complete 2-3 “global engineering experiences” (e.g., short- or long-term engineering study abroad, global design teams, research or internship abroad, etc.), and up to one “other global experience” (e.g., regular study abroad, foreign language training, 12 credits of cultural knowledge courses), etc. 

Lists of qualifying experiences and courses open to students are jointly maintained and updated by the Global Engineering Program and Mechanical Engineering, with complete documentation of the minor requirements available (here).

Students may direct further questions about the minor to their academic advisor or the GEP staff (Wang Hall 4500 or gep@purdue.edu).