Instructor(s) Course
Dr. Joyce Main & Dr. Christina PantojaMaking Evidenced-based Decisions in Engineering
Dr. Daniel Dumbacher Practical Systems Thinking
Dr. Dave Capelleri Hands-on Robotics
Dr. Ian Lindsay, Dr. Zoe Nyssa Technology & Culture
Juliana Casavan Entrepreneurship Studies
Dr. Matthew Swabey Rapid Prototyping
Dawn Parks Firestarter! Entrepreneurship Studies
Dr. Rahim Rahimi Flex Electronics
Dr. Kartik Arypur Innovation Problem Solving
Dr. Brett Savoie AI Data Science
Dr. Vincent Duffy Data Mining and AI for Human-Automation Interaction
Dr. Inez Hua Environmental Impacts of the Global Supply Chain
Dr. Li Qiao Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion
Dr. Brett Savoie Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning for Engineers
Dr. Brett Savoie Introduction to Python Programming for Engineers
Dr. Ernesto Marinero Materials and Devices for Sustainable Energy Conversion
Dr. Robert Bean Nuclear Reactor Physics
Dr. Luciano Castillo Renewable Energy & Social Crisis
Bailey Benedict Small Group Collaboration and Dynamic Communication
Dr. Margaret Gitau Water Sustainability
Dr. Nagabhushana Prabhu Introduction to Optimization
Purdue Language and Cultural Exchange Intensive English
Dr. Stanley Chan Machine Learning for High School Students
Dr. Amena Shermadou Making Evidence-Based Decisions in Engineering using Programming