Demontrating your process means making visible your thinking and steps throughout the design. 
Documenting procedures and logic used in problem-solving. Respond to the framework (or a framework) of human-centered design. Terms used are consistent with framework. The process that the student is going through is very visible. Uses multiple ways of documenting process, including diagrams. Although the low-level procedures are documented, the student connects what s/he is doing to the overall focus of the design. Documents why they are having difficulty in areas of the design, not just that they have issues.
Excellent processes should lead to excellent accomplishments. Intentional and not haphazard. Human-centered and not technology-centered. Strategic - moving the project forward. Thoughtfully iterative - how does their current way of thinking and doing respond to what they have done? How does their design respond to feedback from stakeholders/users? Using the right tool at the right time of the process - converging/diverging on the design at appropriate times.