Accomplishments address contributions to both the project and the team:
Project contributions:  A variety of tasks throughout the design process which contribute to the project's progress, such as stakeholder analysis, specification development, prototype development, proof-of-concept testing, analysis, brainstorming, testing (user and functional), and finalized and delivered project.  This also can include learning that is needed for the project as long as it is articulated how this contributes to the project and provides artifacts that assist team members in using that knowledge as well (e.g., how-to document).  Excellent accomplishments in this area have a significant impact on the design and/or deliverables, demonstrating an excellent understanding of the relevant discipline-specific issues related to the project as expected for your year.  Documentation of these contributions are not simply lists of tasks, but detail the learning and project design issues being addressed.  The documentation includes the prototypes or products themselves, relevant information in the design documentation, design records, and work in individual notebook.
Team contributions: Accomplishments which contribute to the overall team, such as webmaster, financial officer.