Industrial Sustainability

Meet our Industrial Sustainability Faculty

  • Hua Cai

    Agent-based modeling; life-cycle assessment; system dynamics; big data analytics; environmental implications of emerging technologies from the systems perspective using GIS; energy-water nexus; emerging transportation systems; energy policy; urban sustainability.

  • Rebecca Ciez

    Modeling energy systems and decarbonization technologies using optimization, empirical modeling, and data analysis; identifying life-cycle costs and environmental impacts for decision and policy analysis; electrochemical systems; transportation; and building electrification.

  • Abigail Engelberth

    Recovering valuable products from underutilized process streams, coupled with economic analysis of the recovery process design to determine product value.

  • Carol Handwerker

    Sustainable electronic materials, processes, and products; manufacturing and reliability of Pb-free interconnects for server, military, and aerospace electronic systems; next-generation electronic packaging and heterogeneous integration; life-cycle assessment.

  • John Howarter

    Material processing; membrane separations; recycling; value recovery; life-cycle assessment; design of sustainable polymers and nanocomposites; sustainable electronics.

  • Inez Hua

    Circular economy; sustainable electronics; sustainability metrics and assessment; environmental sustainability in engineering education (Industrial Sustainability).
    Aquatic chemistry; water pollution control; industrial water consumption; water-energy nexus; engineering and social justice (Classic Environmental Engineering).

  • Heather Liddell

    Sustainable manufacturing, environmental life cycle assessment, mechanics of multilayered systems, adhesion in paints and coatings, lightweighting strategies for transportation.

  • John Mulrow

    Limits to growth and degrowth; cyber-physical systems; life-cycle assessment; greenhouse gas footprinting; techno-environmental system dynamics; transportation demand modeling; agent-based modeling.

  • Lindsey Payne

    Mentoring community-engaged scholars and professionals; enhancing undergraduate education through institutional change; building sustainable, socially-just communities; providing local leadership in water quality, climate action, and environmental policy.

  • Shweta Singh

    Systems scale modeling; coupled natural and human (CNH) systems modeling; complex systems theories and enhancing methodologies for sustainability assessment; industrial ecology; urban sustainability.

  • John Sutherland

    Environmentally responsible design and manufacturing; closed-loop material cycles through remanufacturing and recycling; energy-efficient and reduced environmental footprints of manufacturing processes; life-cycle assessment; techno-economic assessment; corporate assessment of social sustainability.

  • Fu Zhao

    Life-cycle assessment; carbon footprint analysis; techno- economic analysis; energy efficiency in manufacturing; product end-of-life management; critical material supply chain analysis; design for the environment; energy policy.